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Per interface static route (no next hop ip)

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  • 1.  Per interface static route (no next hop ip)

    Posted Feb 22, 2022 09:36 AM
    Hello guys,

    I´m trying to create a static route on a comware based switch, refering the next hop to a physical sub interface (without next hop ip):

    ip route-static 16 Ten-GigabitEthernet 1/0/50.900

    This command seems to be possible according to documentation as the nexthop ip seems to be optional, but the sewitch does not accept the command unless I define an next hop IP.

     route-static dest-address { mask-length | mask } { interface-type interface-number [ next-hop-address [ nexthop-index index-string ] ] | next-hop-address [ nexthop-index index-string ] [ recursive-lookup host-route ] | vpn-instance d-vpn-instance-name next-hop-address [ nexthop-index index-string ] [ recursive-lookup host-route ] } [ permanent | track track-entry-number ] [ preference preference ] [ tag tag-value ] [ description text ]

    Am I understanding it wrong?

    Thanks, Lucas

    Lucas Lima

  • 2.  RE: Per interface static route (no next hop ip)

    Posted Feb 22, 2022 10:03 AM
    Hello Lucas,

    Please note the command options from the command reference guide:

    Follow these guidelines when you specify the output interface or the next hop address of the static
    • If the output interface is a Null 0 interface, no next hop address is required.
    • If the output interface is a point-to-point interface, you can specify only the output interface. You
    do not need to change the configuration of the route even if the peer address is changed.
    • NBMA or P2MP interfaces need IP address-to-link layer address mappings for successful
    packet delivery. As a best practice, specify the next hop address for the route at the same time
    if the output interface is an NBMA or P2MP interface.
    • If the output interface is a broadcast interface, the device uses the next hop IP address to obtain
    the MAC address of the next hop. Therefore, you must specify both the output interface and
    next hop IP address in most cases.

    Hope this helps!