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isolate-user-vlan and tagged VLANs on promiscuous port

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  • 1.  isolate-user-vlan and tagged VLANs on promiscuous port

    Posted Feb 14, 2022 01:39 PM

    we have configured a HP A5500-48G-4SFP HI switch running software version 5.20.99 to handle private VLANs (called isolate-user-vlan in the manual).

    vlan 208
      description pvlan-test-208
      name pvlan-test-208
      isolate-user-vlan enable
    vlan 3998
      description iso-208-test
      isolated-vlan enable
    interface Bridge-Aggregation1
      description gate-1
      port isolate-user-vlan 208 promiscuous
      port link-type hybrid
      port hybrid vlan 1 to 4094 tagged
      link-aggregation mode dynamic
    isolate-user-vlan 208 secondary 3998

    The device at that bridge aggregation is a Linux box with a bonding interface and VLAN interfaces on top of the bonding interface.
    Pakets coming from a maschine within the isolated secondary PVLAN 3998 are still arriving tagged with that VLAN id.

    We have another switch (FlexFabric) where is construct works.

    Is this switch not able to have a promiscuous isolate-user-vlan port on a tagged interface?

    Robert Sander

  • 2.  RE: isolate-user-vlan and tagged VLANs on promiscuous port

    Posted Apr 19, 2022 06:35 AM
    When you use the port isolate-user-vlan vlan-id promiscuous command on a port that is operating in promiscuous mode, the device automatically executes the undo port isolate-user-vlan command to cancel the promiscuous mode of the port first.

    Janet Hancock