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HELP - Configuration DHCP Snooping on CONWARE 7

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  • 1.  HELP - Configuration DHCP Snooping on CONWARE 7

    Posted 11 days ago
    Hi, i try to configure DHCP Snooping on my network. But i am not sure of my configuration. Someone can help me ?

    On this schema, you can found (simplistically) a part of my network

    In practise, if a serveur take place in Vlan 1 -> 4, they can obtain IP Address from one of the 3 DHCP servers. But i want to put dhcp snooping also but i don't know on HPE how to configure this...

    So my configuration on my HPE12904 actually is:

    Dhcp snooping [enable]

    Dhcp-snooping authorized-server @A

    Dhcp-snooping authorized-server @B

    Dhcp-snooping authorized-server @C

    dhcp enable

    Dhcp relay server-group 1 ip @A

    Dhcp relay server-group 2 ip @B

    Dhcp relay server-group 2 ip @C

    On each vlan interface 1->4

    Interface vlan-interface1 (->4)

    Dhcp select relay

    dhcp relay server-select 1

    dhcp relay server-select 2

    I want some help to configure DHCP snooping (lines in blue), i know i must configure trusted port (inerface vlan) but i don't know which (each vlan interface 1->4, or maybe the link between HPE and FW?)

    Thanks for helping