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A module on a VSF-enabled-link failed, causing 1 link to go down and VSF switch inaccessible.

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  • 1.  A module on a VSF-enabled-link failed, causing 1 link to go down and VSF switch inaccessible.

    Posted May 02, 2022 06:56 PM
    Hi All,
    I have a 2 member 5406Rzl2 VSF fabric with 2 VSF links, first one between 1/A8 to 2/A8 (10G) and the second link between 1/F24 and 2/F24 (10G). We had a hardware failure on port 1/F24 (which is the second VSF link). When the link went down we could not access the VSF switch and it dropped comms on downstream links even though the other VSF link (1/A8-2/A8) was fine. I would have though that the first redundant link would have held the comms up. As soon as i removed the fibre patch lead from the failed port (1/F24), comms resumed and we could ssh into the switch. Anyway i have several questions regarding the VSF.
    1. When i replace the failed module (J9990A), can it be replaced hot-swappable, and will it retain the configuration of any ports (ie. the 1/F24 port as a VSF member link). If the module is hot-swappable and it will retain its config, do i need to disable the interface first, insert the transceiver and connect the fibre patch lead then re-enable the interface, or can i just connect the transceiver and fibre straight away
    2. Whilst i am awaiting the replacement module, can i configure an additional VSF link (ie. 1/F23 to 2/F23) and connect them up during normal operation (or will the VSF reboot) as to create a redundant link, as the VSF is currently only held up with one link. As this is our Core switch, i need to keep it up without a reboot if possible
    3. Whilst investigating this issue, i have realised there is no MAD configured on this VSF. The 2 members are physically separated in different buildings, so i am thinking oobm mad will not work as i cannot directly connect the UTP oobm ports together. With LLDP-MAD, am i able to configure this with one of the downstream IRF switches that are connected to it via Trunks/Bridge aggregations, with the IRF switch as the assist device. Any configuration for this would be appreciated
    One thing i also need to mention, our VSF is configured as domain 110, and a directly connected IRF downstream switch is configured as irf domain 110. Would this of been the reason the VSF switch failed to operate normally when its link went down, or is it fine to have a configuration such as this, as they are different technologies (VSF vs IRF)

    James Shepherd

  • 2.  RE: A module on a VSF-enabled-link failed, causing 1 link to go down and VSF switch inaccessible.
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    Posted May 11, 2022 12:45 AM
    Hi All,
    In regards to the questions above, i did a bit of research and have resolved most of the problems.
    The module is hot-swappable, however the particular module i had (J9990A) will lose it configuration for any ports. See the following link on page 4.
    Aruba 5400R zl2 v2 to v3 Modules - Technical white paper (
    Thus prior to to removing the failed module, i removed the 2nd VSF physical ports from the VSF link from both members (no vsf member 1 link 1 1/F24, no vsf member 1 link 1 2/F24) as well as any port assignments on that module. Thus the VSF was only held up with the first VSF port 1/A8 to 2/A8. After inserting the module, i added back in the interfaces 1/F24 and 2/F24 to the VFS link 1 and successfully got back 2 physical links for the VSF link.
    Will probably look at adding other links to the VSF at a later stage.
    Am still in process of configuring the LLDP-MAD on the VSF

    James Shepherd