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Airwave trigger when any AP reboots or rebootstraps?

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  • 1.  Airwave trigger when any AP reboots or rebootstraps?

    Posted Nov 29, 2021 02:55 PM
    Probably this is in here somewhere, but I'm not finding how to search for it. Sorry for any duplication.

    I would like an Airwave trigger when any AP restarts, by reboot, or rebootstrap. Back in Ariwave 6 I think we had this, but lost that config in some long-ago upgrade, and I can't find the proper trigger option to recreate it.

    We do get AP down trigger notices if a device is down for 5 minutes, but sometimes have "rebootstraps" where the AP misses 8 heartbeats and fails over to the other mobility controller (on the older Aruba 6 part of our network) or possibly to the other MD on the newer Aruba 8 part.

    Under Aruba6, the AP is down for about 30 seconds, so too short for a down detection, but still a disruption for users. (It may be much faster in Aruba 8, but I still want to know!)

    In the past I have gotten emails when these happened, and sometimes they pointed to switching issues, as when all the APs on a single access switch bootstrapped at once. So they are useful reports, but, I'm not sure what field I need to trigger on to get them.

    We are Airwave,
    Aruba on the newer half of campus,
    and Aruba on the older half (though we plan to upgrade that to Aruba 8 during January break).

    Direct answer is great, but if there is a doc that says which triggers are where, that would be useful also. Or even a doc to say how to make searches in the airheads community for "airwave trigger AP reboot" only return results with those words in them -- I can get bunches of "airwave trigger" results, but can't seem to narrow those down much.

    Thanks, Steve

    Steve Bohrer

  • 2.  RE: Airwave trigger when any AP reboots or rebootstraps?

    Posted Nov 29, 2021 05:39 PM
    If you have SNMP traps or syslog pointing at Airwave, you can use the "Device Event" trigger to alert you if a syslog or snmp trap has "ootstrap' OR "eboot" in a syslog message.

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  • 3.  RE: Airwave trigger when any AP reboots or rebootstraps?

    Posted Dec 16, 2021 09:14 AM

    We have option to send trigger when AP reboots under Device Down trigger condition aswell, either you can use this or if have added airwave as trap receiver you can use device event trigger condition aswell.

    Pavan Arshewar
    Principal Network Engineer

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