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  • 1.  SNMPv3

    Posted Mar 30, 2022 10:41 AM
    We have SNMPv3 configured on our switches: HP2910al and HP2920.
    For the most part it is working.  IMC is gathering information on the switches.

    We are using iMC PLAT 7.3 (E0705P10) on Windows Server 2016

    From the IMC server we cannot connect to our Router switch (switch1 again HPE2910al) via SNMPv3 however we can connect and gather information on sub switches (switch 2, 3 etc).
    Using SNMP Tester we experience the following:
    - IMC Server cannot access Switch 1
    - My Desktop cannot access Switch 1
    - A VM on my Desktop can access Switch 1

    - IMC Server can access Switch 2
    - My Desktop can access Switch 2
    - A VM on my Desktop can access Switch 2

    With the above, I know SNMPv3 is working on Switch1 but why only 1 computer out of 3 is it working?
    I checked Windows Firewall and used the same settings across all 3 system.  Regardless it shouldn't be a FW issue since the I can communicate to different switches while on the same machine(s).

    Any Suggestions?

  • 2.  RE: SNMPv3

    Posted Mar 31, 2022 02:40 AM
    Hi - as you mention, it's a router - pls. verify that the router is answering to snmp polls using the correct (source) ip-address.

    Jochem Knoben

  • 3.  RE: SNMPv3
    Best Answer

    Posted Mar 31, 2022 08:44 AM
    I think the first thing you should try is the following:
    snmp-server response-source dst-ip-of-request

    that will ensure that of the multiple ip sources possible on that device that it will respond using the IP contained in the initial snmp request.

    Brian Seppanen

  • 4.  RE: SNMPv3

    Posted Apr 01, 2022 09:46 AM

    Thank you for suggesting the command, that works.  IMC can now poll the switch.
    I'm not familiar with the command and will look it up to get more information about it.

    Odd though why it's needed for the primary switch in the stack.  I'll apply the changes to the all remaining Switch 1 at each sites.

    Thanks again for the recommendation.

    Sokum Keo