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IMC topology not displaying BAGGS/Trunks on some switches

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  • 1.  IMC topology not displaying BAGGS/Trunks on some switches

    Posted Apr 10, 2022 08:53 PM
    I have an issue with IMC not displaying the BAGG/Trunk links between some HPE Aruba Switch Stacks, Comware IRF and HPE VSF switches.

    Image 1 showing correct links. The 2 physical links between a 2-member 5130 IRF switch (#2 on image 1) to a single core 5406R zl2 switch (#1 on image 1) show correctly as 2 x 10Gb physical links and also the BAGG(Comware)/Trunk(Aruba) as a third aggregated link. This is also the same for the connections from the IRF switch (#2) to a single HP J9575A 3800-24G-2SFP+ (#3) and to 3 single HP J9776A 2530-24G switches (#4, #5 and #6)

    However, on image 2, we have 4 physical 10Gb links between a 4-member 5700 IRF switch (#2 on image 2) to a 2-member core 5406 zl2 VSF switch (#1 on image 2) which shows the 4 physical links but not the aggregated 40Gb link. On a similar note, there is 2 x 10Gb physical links from the 5700 IRF (#2) to another core 5406R zl2 switch (#3) which is configured as part of a mesh to other 5406R zl2 switches, but it is only showing the 2 physical links and not the BAGG/Trunk aggregated link. Lastly, we also have 2 x 10Gb links from the 5700 IRF to a 7-member Aruba 2930M switch stack (#4) and a 2-member Aruba 2930M switch stack (#5) which also just shows the physical links and not the BAGG\Trunk aggregated links.

    Is there some other configuration required within IMC to display these aggregated links (similar to image 1), or is it a limitation within IMC to show these aggregations between the IRF switch to switch stacks and​ VSF/mesh switches.

    Current version IMC Platform is 7.3 (E0706)

    Image 1

    Image 1
    Image 2

    Image 2

    James Shepherd