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AOSCX: Connecting existing VLAN network to new VXLAN fabric without BGP

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  • 1.  AOSCX: Connecting existing VLAN network to new VXLAN fabric without BGP

    Posted Apr 11, 2022 10:45 AM
    I am setting up a new Spine-Leaf-network (based on VXLAN, EVPN and iBGP, following this guide by Aruba) to replace our old campus network. As an intermediary step I want to connect the new switches with the old ones, so I can switch the VLANs of the old network on the new - giving me time to gradually migrate the devices physically and then logically. However, the old network is very old and not well organised, so the VLANs are routed on different devices in different buildings.
    I was able to switch my external VLAN unto a client on a border-leaf, but I do not get it to be distributed unto the other leaves. The client can communicate with devices on the old network, but not with the other client in my new network. If I configure a VNI on the VXLAN interface I am able to have both clients communicate with each other, but both are unable to communicate with the old network. This makes sense because I need the VNI to transport the packages in the VLAN across the fabric.
    Another thing I noticed is that I only lose connectivity if my upstream port is configured as a trunk. If I configure it as an access port, packages get through, but with a factor of 100 in increase of latency.

    I can only find resources using BGP on both sides to exchange the packages. I do not want to buy a router to put it between my two networks and I have extremely limited opportunities to connect the border-leaf to my existing "routers".

    Is it possible to connect my existing VLAN network to my new VXLAN fabric without routing while using a trunk port?

    It's OK if I only have one upstream border-leaf, though I intend on using port aggregation once I get the general setup working. I am using Aruba's 6400 series for leafs, 8360 as spines, based on AOSCX 10.09. I configured the "external" VLAN on all leafs, including a VNI under VXLAN and the following for EVPN:

    vlan 666
        rd auto
        route-target export auto
        route-target import auto

    Alexander Herr