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Configuration HA Controller 7000 version 6.5

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  • 1.  Configuration HA Controller 7000 version 6.5

    Posted May 02, 2022 08:58 AM
    Good Morning, I have two Aruba 7210 Controllers, each one of them providing service in two different places (different networks), the idea is to put these controllers in HA, first I want to know if it is possible to configure HA when they are in two different network segments (L3 ), and the other question is about the licenses currently each one of them has 50 licenses each, if I put it in high availability I need to put more license in each place. I understand that according to what I have read they should be in Dual mode. Please I need your help to be clear if it is possible to make this configuration.

    Guillermo Curuchaga

    Guillermo Curuchaga

  • 2.  RE: Configuration HA Controller 7000 version 6.5
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    Posted May 03, 2022 06:59 AM
    • You should configure the first controller as a master (by default it is) and the second controller as a local. 
    • If you enable centralized licensing, both controllers will share licenses. 
    • If you need redundancy, you should configure an LMS and a Backup LMS in the AP system profile for each AP group to determine the primary and secondary controller for each access point. 
    • The master/local configuration means that the global configuration will be done from the master and the local will allow configuration only for specific layer2/layer 3 things like interfaces. 
    • You do not need HA for what you want to accomplish.

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