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MFD3 - Hardened Wi-Fi Security (WPA3) for Evolving Threat Landscapes

  • 1.  MFD3 - Hardened Wi-Fi Security (WPA3) for Evolving Threat Landscapes

    Posted Sep 17, 2018 02:36 PM

    Presented by: @Chuck_Lukaszewski and @makariosm


    Security is the foundation of every enterprise-grade Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi Alliance announced the new WPA3 certification in June, along with a new encrypted Enhanced Open mode. These enhancements enable Wi-Fi to repel the next generation of threats in an evolving landscape. Aruba has played a leading role in designing, standardizing and now deploying WPA3 and Enhanced Open. The key technology behind WPA3-Personal is “Simultaneous Authentication of Equals” or SAE which is based on RFC 7664.  The technology behind Enhanced Open is “Opportunistic Wireless Encryption” or OWE which is based on RFC 8110. In this session, led by Chuck Lukaszewski of the Aruba CTO team, we will review the components of the WPA3 suite.  Chuck will also demonstrate OWE and show how standard “Open” SSIDs are automatically encrypted with no user or administrator action.