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ArubaOS-Switch 16.06 has been released!

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  • 1.  ArubaOS-Switch 16.06 has been released!

    Posted Jul 11, 2018 01:22 PM



    The latest major update to the ArubaOS-Switch operating system has been released!  The 16.06 release provides a significant number of new features and enhancements, including:


    • 100 Mbps support for HPE Smart Rate ports on 2930M, 3810M, and 5400R
    • Console failed authentication lockout
    • Device Fingerprinting with Aruba ClearPass
    • HTTP Proxy support with ZTP for Activate, Central, AirWave, and ClearPass
    • Multicast Storm Control
    • Netdestination and Netservice with Downloadable User Roles

    The 16.06 release is available for the following Aruba switch families:


    • 2530 (YA/YB)
    • 2540 (YC)
    • 2920 (WB)
    • 2930F (WC)
    • 2930M (WC)
    • 3810M (KB)
    • 5400R (KB)

    To access 16.06 documentation or review the release notes, visit the Networking Information Library, select your switch model (under Models / Subcategories -> Campus - Aruba), then browse the most recent entries under Configuration and Firmware & Release Notes.


    To download the 16.06 build for your switch, go to the Networking support lookup page, enter your switch model number or part number, select it in the list, and click the Software downloads link.  The downloads page for each switch also contains additional resources such as SNMP MIBs, console port drivers, and REST API schemas for each software release.


    Feel free to reply to this thread to let us know what you think!


  • 2.  RE: ArubaOS-Switch 16.06 has been released!

    Posted Jul 11, 2018 01:57 PM
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    Hello All,


    With the new release of ArubaOS-Switch Version 16.06, there have been multiple Infrastructure & Redundancy and Switch Security features being introduced.  As a result, I have written short feature sheets describing the feature and configuration.  All feature guides are ziped in the attached folder.

    Infrastructure & Redundancy Features 

    Virtual Redundancy Routing Protocol (VRRP)

    Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) enables you to set up a group of routers as a default gateway router (VRRP Group) for backup or redundancy purposes.

    VRRP Instance Summary


    With this feature, the ’show vrrp summary’ command summarized information about VRRP such as Owner, State, Master Address, and Virtual Address.

    VRRP Self Ping

    With this feature, ping to the virtual IP from a remote device is supported, services like self ping, telnet, SSH and WEBUI are supported over the virtual IP address.

    100 Mbps support on Smart Rate

    Smart-rate port is designed to link at 1G, 2.5G, 5G and 10G. With this feature, it can operate at 100 Mbps.

    Switch Security Features 

    RADIUS Tracking enhancements

    As part of RADIUS tracking enhancements, the following three feature are added: tracking dead only servers, tracking option to determine dead server, and re-authentication of critical authentication.

    Traffic Policing with two rate three color marker

    This allows the user to specify two rates: a commit rate and a peak rate, and associated actions which will be applied to traffic which exceeds each rate.

    Console lockout

    The user login access via Telnet and SSH sessions to the switch can be configured to have user access lockout as a result of multiple failures in login attempts.  However, the console sessions were not protected on ArubaOS Switch prior to ArubaOS Version 16.05, and there is no restriction on the login failures.

    Change error message for failed login attempt

    With ArubaOS Version 16.06, the message is being displayed as "Authentication failed. Please verify that the username and password are correct."

    Configurable Threshold Value for SNMP Traps

    As part of ArubaOS Version 16.06 release, a change was introduced to generate a Syslog/RMON log when the event-log buffer usage reaches a certain threshold value.  The threshold value is configurable via CLI/SNMP where values ranges from 1% to 100%.  When the threshold is hit, the switch will generate a Syslog/RMON log indicating the buffer usage.

    Port Security Auto Recovery

    With the introduction of ArubaOS-Switch Version 16.06, the new command, disable-timer, has been introduced that allows interfaces to be auto-recovered upon detecting intrusion.

    Thank You,