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PowerArubaCX : a powershell module for use ArubaCX REST API

  • 1.  PowerArubaCX : a powershell module for use ArubaCX REST API

    Posted Apr 15, 2019 03:14 PM



    I have been working for several months on a Powershell module that uses the ArubaCX REST API.


    This module is available on psgallery(.com) : https://www.powershellgallery.com/packages/PowerArubaCX/


    Actually, we support to connect to HTTPS using login/passwrd

    and get the following feature :

    • System
    • Interfaces
    • Vlans
    • LLDP Neighbor
    • ...

    it is very easy to use (and install)


    Launch powershell command line and launch following command for install


    Install-Module PowerArubaCX

    for load the module

    Import-Module PowerArubaCX

    Connect to your Aruba CX


    You need to use -SkipCertificateCheck if the certificate is not valid


    for example to get system info


    Like the API, it is possible to select what need to display (configuration, status, statistics) using -selector parameter


    for example to get system info statistics

    Get-ArubaCXSystem -selector statistics

    You can also select what you want to display using -attributes parameter


    For example to display hostname and dns servers of system

    Get-ArubaCXSystem -attributes hostname,dns_servers

    for Interfaces, it is also possible to choice the depth (from 0 to 3)


    Get-ArubaCXInterfaces -depth 1


    You can get the list of command available via

    Get-Command -Module PowerArubaCX


     and for get help (and example about a command for example ArubaCXLLDPNeighbor)

    Get-Help Get-ArubaCXLLDPNeighbor -Full

    It is already compatible with PowerShell 6 (Core) and macOS/Linux !


    More documentation, example is available on https://github.com/PowerAruba/PowerArubaCX and you can also report issue/enhance !


  • 2.  RE: PowerArubaCX : a powershell module for use ArubaCX REST API

    Posted Mar 06, 2020 01:40 AM

    PoweArubaCX 0.4.x is available !


    What new :

    • Add compatibility with 10.04 (#21, #27 )
    • Add vsx_peer parameter for all cmdlets (#22)
    • Multi Connection and add port parameter to connection (#26)
    • Add Tests (Pester) (#31)
    • Add User and firmware get cmdlets (#32)
    • Vlans : Add/Get/Set/Remove Cmdlets (#33)
    • Interfaces : Set and Add/Remove VlansTrunks (#34)
    • System : Set system cmdlet (#35)

    Remove Get-ArubaCXPorts (API not longer with 10.04)

    Tested on 6300, 8320, OVA with release 10.04.00430

    • Windows 10 with Powershell 6.2.4
    • macOS with Powershell 6.2.4