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The Best Hiking Pants for Women

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  • 1.  The Best Hiking Pants for Women

    Posted Apr 03, 2019 02:17 AM

    Finding the best hiking pants for women might be a little harder than for men, since women want performance as well as other details such as design or colors. We have some useful information to share to make your search easier. Our experts have done research on different types of hiking pants for women, and this review will help you to find the best options for hitting the trail.


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    Female hikers want pants designed especially for women to keep them comfortable while they are hiking in any outdoor conditions. However, to get the right pants, it takes time to research their features. Luckily, we’ve already done the work for you. Let’s get started.


    Each pair of hiking pants has its strengths and weaknesses; let’s go through the features step by step.


    1. Mountain Hardwear 1708611 Women's Chockstone Hike Pant- Best for Climbing




    These pants feature 4-way stretch material, which allows for their excellent fit and comfort. Besides, the extra stretch provides flexibility and freedom of movement which is important while rock climbing and hiking. The slash pockets are designed to hold essentials including your cell phone.

    Moreover, the removable belt helps to avoid getting snagged on your waist and offers you the option of taking it off. You can roll these pants up to avoid getting wet or dirty on rainy days with the ankle cinch-cord. These pants are made from 91% nylon and 9% elastane. These Mountain Hardware Brand pants are more magnificent outdoor pants than their other more expensive counterparts.


    Outstanding features


    Removable belt


    Ankle cinch-cord


    2. Mountain Hardwear Women's Dynama Pant- Traveling Pants


    These fashionable and lightweight pants are made of 96% nylon and 4% elastane, for a comfortable fit. They are perfect for not only climbing but also hiking, running, and backpacking. They are lightweight, and you can easily roll them up small for easy packing. They fit well and don’t require a lot of space. That is the reason why they are the perfect choice for travel.


    Because they are lightweight, you can wear them while traveling. There are two styles for you to choose from; the first style has the cinch built into the ankle, so you can roll up the legs in hot or wet weather. The second style comes with the fitted elastic ankle for a fitter and trimmer look and 2 pockets for storage. The waistband is generous and stretchy to provide the ultimate in comfort.


    Outstanding features:


    Elastic ankle


    The option of rolling up the legs with the cinch cord


    3. Arc'teryx Women's Gamma LT Pant- Best for Cold Weather



    The best winter hiking pants for women are made from fabric that repels water for drying quickly in the rain. They are made from breathable materials for keeping you warm and dry. Thus, they are ideal for colder weather. These pants can be rolled up with the drawstring cuff.


    The belt gives women a flattering fit with no waist gap. These pants are also durable, lightweight, and moisture resistant. The material used to make these pants is stretchy, providing comfort and freedom of movement. These women’s pants have an attractive patterned design and logo.


    Outstanding features


    Belt closure


    Articulated pattern and gusseted for comfort and freedom of movement


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    4. KUHL Spire Roll-up Pants - Women's – Best for Durability


    These pants come with the spire roll up feature which is the right choice for a short day hike. The fit and design of the pants ensures there are no tight areas, allowing you to move freely. The high-quality stitching is made from the same thread used for rock climbing gear; you can imagine how durable it is.


    The pants are made from cotton, nylon, spandex fabric; it is stretchy for better comfort and freedom of movement. It also provides sun protection with 50 UPF. The stitched seam reduces the back for a refined look. The nylon is the same type used in climbing harnesses, so it is famous for durability. There are 2 zippered hand pockets; 2 back pockets; and 2 zippered thigh pockets.


    Outstanding features


    Relaxed fit


    Durable harness threads


    UPF 50+


    5. prAna - Women's Halle Roll-up, Water-Repellent Stretch Pants- Best for General Use and Everyday Wear


    These pants are perfect for not only when you are hiking, or climbing, but also for sitting at your desk. With the relaxed fit in the leg and the waistline, you will not feel any restriction when moving or sitting while wearing these pants. They feature the articulated cut knees, so you will be more comfortable when walking or resting. These pants are made from 97% nylon to be lightweight, and 3% spandex for stretch.

    Moreover, you can roll them up securely in hot or wet weather to stay clean and dry because these pants include an integrated tab with button on the leg. Additionally, you can wear these pants with heavy-duty hiking boots because of the slight boot cut leg.


    Outstanding features


    Stretch Zion fabric


    Water repellent for quick drying


    UPF 50+


    6. Patagonia Women’s Hiking Pants - Best for General Use and Everyday Wear[k21]


    Patagonia pants are made of 94% nylon and 6% spandex, so they are very lightweight and stretchy. These pants are good for performance and casual wear. Features include the articulated knees, DWR coating, gusseted crotch and the lightweight fabric.


    Although its drawcord adjustment is not as good as a belt, it is still versatile and tough enough for most users. These pants are perfect for warm weather travelers.


    Outstanding features


    2 pockets, 2 rear pockets, a side leg pocket with zipper


    DWR and UPF 40 sun protection


    What Are the Key Features of Women’s Hiking Pants?


    Women’s hiking pants material


    It is crucial to research design and fabric when selecting hiking pants for women, since women’s bodies are built differently than men’s. Choosing fabric that is both stretchy and breathable is a priority. Nylon is one of the most fabulous fabrics for durability and abrasion-resistant, this material makes the best women’s hiking pants for hot weather. Polyester is the second most popular choice, which is more flexible, stretchy, and breathable.


    Women’s convertible hiking pants


    Convertible hiking pants are perfect because they allow you to adjust to the changing weather without having to pack a second pair of pants. Convertible pants make packing for travel easier.


    Waterproof hiking pants for women


    Waterproof pants are very useful, but most of the lightweight soft-shell pants absorb water to provide breathability. Thus, the pants range from water-resistant to withstand moisture to water repellent which means water will bead up. However, the water repellent pants will absorb water in heavy rain.


    Sun protection


    UPF is the feature that protects you from the sun. If the pants have a higher UPF rating, they will absorb less UV rays.




    This feature helps you avoid snagging the bottom of your pants on your boots or getting them wet when you walk across wet grass, you can roll them up and secure them instead.


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    Final Thoughts


    Finding the best pair of women's hiking pants can be a challenge. Each person prefers different features and styles, so keep your requirements in mind when you head out to your favorite outfitter or order from an online shop. We hope that reading this article has helped give you some ideas of what you are looking for and what to avoid, have fun shopping for a gre

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    Posted Apr 03, 2019 06:31 AM

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