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ACMX Lab Topology

  • 1.  ACMX Lab Topology

    Posted Jul 20, 2019 06:33 PM



    I'm starting my journey with Aruba, following years of practicing Cisco wireless architecture. I've passed CCIE Wireless certification a few years back now.


    Hopefully I should pass ACMP v8 in a few days, and I'm thinking about preparing for the ACMX certification.


    I would like to build a topology to prepare for the written exam and the lab, and wondering if anyone has experience with it.


    I guess a minimal topology should include the following:

    - ESXi for VM installation

    - 2 MM for MM-clustering

    - Campus MC Cluster

    - Standalone MC/VPN

    - Remote site MC (1, 2, more?)

    - Remote site IAP clusters

    - Many APs for CAP, RAP and Mesh AP

    - A router for simulating inter-sites connection

    - Aruba switches to practice for tunneled node feature

    - Clearpass

    - Airwave


    I already have a console switch, for remote console access :)


    If anyone can advise on the lab topology, that would be really helpful.