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Airwave required firewall ports

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  • 1.  Airwave required firewall ports

    Posted Sep 09, 2019 06:53 PM



    I have a plan to add all my Aruba switches (2530 and 2930) as managed devices in Airwave, but my Airwave server is behind the company firewall.

    What is the required ports that i need to enable in the firewall to have the switches communicate with Airwave and to be able to push the switches configuration back?


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    Posted Sep 09, 2019 07:13 PM

    For Communication between Airwave switches, we need SNMP (162 &162) for Monitoring and traps, SSH (22) for config push and audits, HTTPS (443) for Firmware upgrade process and ZTP. TFTP and/or SFTP for F/w file transfer and config restore.

  • 3.  RE: Airwave required firewall ports

    Posted Sep 11, 2019 05:11 AM

    You can refer installation guide for more details related to ports used by Airwave, from page 10