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Aruba 2530 switch - LLDP-MED

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  • 1.  Aruba 2530 switch - LLDP-MED

    Posted Jul 01, 2019 03:56 AM

    I have successfully configured VLAN's for voice and data network segregation on my Aruba 2530 series switch, and where this is a fairly simple to setup I am thinking of taking the configuration to another level.


    From my experience with network switches of other brands there is a feature called LLDP-MED which exists and is specifically used in VoIP deployments (it seems a common topic in the Aruba forums).


    I use Yealink phones on our VoIP Deployments, and they have this useful guide here which references LLDP-MED setup and usage: http://download.support.yealink.com/download?path=ZIjHOJbWuW/DFrGTLnGyplCZDAM2wP01hv6n80IFSrBPKTE7wpUZ6vYnp57RJ8yHOIx5ysNyCoLoWe3b9J0L6q585pTwWVsrfFeBgljNDet1c9PWuIMfclP73gBT3/JsMFa3KMPrYkvt9mQUAfDr6g==


    With our prevous network switch vendor we never used this, but I am thinking (at least for our larger customers) there maybe benifit of this feature.


    I am keen to understand:


    1) Whether it is worth going to the effort of configuring this, do you really get the worth-while benifits from the configuration.


    2) A working CLI configuration example specifically for the 2530 model range, there are a tonne of settings on the switch as far as I can see and a lot of the forum guides/posts have conflicting information.

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    Posted Jul 01, 2019 04:28 AM



    To support LLDP-MED  an Aruba-OS switch must have LLDP enabled globally, and it's enabled by default. 


    If you need to re-enable then use # lldp run  " commands"


    if you want to check switch port transmitting lldp-med TLVs with below command.


    # show lldp config >interface>


    apart from this, you want to configure the any TLV capabilities for your LLDP-med ports

    then you can do capabilities, network policies, location id, Poe parameters.


    # lldp config <port>medTLVenable  <above catalogs >




  • 3.  RE: Aruba 2530 switch - LLDP-MED

    Posted Jul 01, 2019 04:55 AM

    With LLDP-MED you can force VOIP phones to use the VOICE VLAN instead of the untagged VLAN. 


    The configuration is really simple.


    vlan 10

     name voice



  • 4.  RE: Aruba 2530 switch - LLDP-MED

    Posted Jul 01, 2019 06:26 AM

    Thanks for the responses, I have done this already:


    vlan 10

     name voice




    But thought there would be additional configuration required for LLDP-MED, is this not the case then ? what about TLV'S ? I read something about profiles being required.


    Anymore display and show commands would be great also.



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    Posted Jul 01, 2019 02:33 PM

    To make LLDP-MED working this is all you need to do.

    Profiles are used to apply a specific port profile when a certain device is connected to the switch.


    If you want to enable/disable specific TLV's you can use the following command.



    lldp config <port number> <tlv>


    Use the ? to find out which TLV's are available.


    To see what is configured.

    show lldp config <port number>


    For more information check the documentation.