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Access network design for branch, remote, outdoor and campus locations with Aruba access points, and mobility controllers.

Airgroup with tunneled node

  • 1.  Airgroup with tunneled node

    Posted Dec 12, 2019 06:39 AM

    Hello Airheads!


    I've recently delved into the tunneled-node idea for some of our clients, namely AppleTVs and some other mdns-type devices. I have a basic tunneled client working at my desk. It shows up at the controller on the VLAN that I've created there and is available via any VLAN on the network. When I try to use the Airgroup functionality, I cannot see it from my iOS or MacOS clients. It does show up in the Airgroup panel of the controller and, in fact, it shows up multiple times under servers. This is different behavior from our wireless AppleTVs which only seem to have one entry each. Any initial thoughts?