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AP Convert command in 8.6

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  • 1.  AP Convert command in 8.6

    Posted Apr 29, 2020 10:02 AM
    Prior to AOS 8.6, if the access point was not an IAP or a member of the newer UAP lineup, it was forever destined to be tied to a controller as either a CAP (campus AP) or a RAP (remote AP). However, this is no longer the case.
    Keep in mind that in order to do this you’ll need a valid support subscription and a controller in order to download the code you need, but the process is relatively straight forward.


    Here are the steps to convert an AP (that is not a UAP) to an IAP.


    1. Obtain the Aruba InstantOS code version for the AP you want to convert
    2. Copy the code over to a FTP or TFTP server, or to the flash of the MD that the AP is connected
    3. Open the CLI to your controller (who uses a GUI anyway…) and enter the following commands:
      • (aruba9004-lab) #ap convert add ap-name <ap name>
      • (aruba9004-lab) #ap convert active specific-aps server tftp <server address A.B.C.D> <code filename>
    4. Once you enter this, the AP(s) will begin the conversion process and prompt you with a warning:
    • WARNING: This command will permanently write a country code on the selected APs if they currently don’t have one. Once the country code is written, it cannot be modified. Do you want to proceed with the operation? [y/n]:

    Also important to note is that the above command has several permutations to allow you to convert a number of ways. You can even build a list of APs to convert ahead of time, making it easier later to come back and kick off the process.


    The following are some of the differences in the command structure:

    • specific-aps can be replaced with all-aps on the controller
    • server can be replaced with activate (convert CAP from activate) or local-flash (convert CAP from MD local flash)
    • tftp can be replaced with ftp, http, https, or scp to use different file transfer methods

    In order to track the status of the conversion process, here are some useful commands:

    • show ap convert-status
    • show ap convert-status-summary
    • show ap convert-status-list

    Another important thing to note is that the AP conversion process will tie the converted AP to whatever region the controller is assigned for regulatory purposes. Just b/c you can convert and AP doesn’t mean that you can use a US controller to create a bunch of rest of world (RW) IAPs.


    Hope that this helps you out if you need some extra IAP but only have APs laying around.



  • 2.  RE: AP Convert command in 8.6

    Posted May 04, 2020 08:59 PM

    Hello Scott, 


    I was always thinking that this is a hardware matter.


    Anyway, this will be a great addition as I have a couple of CAPs at the office and I prefer to convert them IAP, some question here, 


    - Is it possible to FTP an InstantOS6 and then convert a CAP with, 

    - once the CAP is converted to IAP, the AP won't revert back if we do reset it from boot prompt ?

  • 3.  RE: AP Convert command in 8.6

    Posted May 07, 2020 04:40 PM

    Yes, you can ftp a v6 code and have it convert the AP that way per a colleague of mine that did so. It should not revert back on a reset as far as I know.

    Keep in mind this feature is really only intended for AP 3xx series that were not IAP already.

  • 4.  RE: AP Convert command in 8.6

    Posted May 07, 2020 06:44 PM

    the note you shared is important "feature is really only intended for AP 3xx series that were not IAP already"


    TO understand more, is there a hardware requirement to run InstantOS that 3xx series meet? 


    I think we can convert a 210 CAP that can connect to a ArubaOS8.6 and then load the InstantOS from there? is that right? or 200 CAP series won't support InstantOS code?

  • 5.  RE: AP Convert command in 8.6

    Posted May 07, 2020 09:23 PM

    Please note that this command has been designed to convert an AP for test and lab use only. Aruba does not recommend using this command to convert APs for production deployment. A CAP converted to IAP using this command will not be supported by Aruba as such an AP will not be recognized as an IAP by Support. Also, such a converted AP will not be recognized as an IAP by Central and will not be manageable by Aruba Central. AOS 8.6 User Guide is being updated to highlight the above points.

  • 6.  RE: AP Convert command in 8.6

    Posted May 08, 2020 11:46 AM


    the only thing I can see in AOS8.6 user guide is this note 


    can you please point me which page number I have to check-in user guide? 




  • 7.  RE: AP Convert command in 8.6

    Posted Nov 29, 2021 02:11 PM
    Updating this topic as it has been referenced a few times. Starting in March 2021, we enabled support for converted APs with Central. As a result we updated the documentation to state the following:

    Starting from ArubaOS, you can convert a Campus AP or a Remote AP to an Instant AP that is managed by Aruba Central, by using a new command-ap convert. However, Aruba does not support this feature for Instant AP deployments that are managed through AirWave or local WebUI, and recommends using this command only in lab or test environments for such deployments.


    Madani Adjali

  • 8.  RE: AP Convert command in 8.6

    Posted May 08, 2020 03:44 AM

    After we converted AP to IAP, can we convert it back to AP ( in order to get the normal support & services) ?


    Many thanks,

  • 9.  RE: AP Convert command in 8.6

    Posted May 08, 2020 04:12 PM

    This is a one-way command. The APs will be permanently changed to remember the regulatory domain. 


    We are in the process of making the updated documentation available.

  • 10.  RE: AP Convert command in 8.6

    Posted May 21, 2020 01:02 PM

    Hello Prince


    Wanted to know if the new document is available? 


    Thank you!

  • 11.  RE: AP Convert command in 8.6

    Posted Jun 22, 2020 02:11 PM



    Thank you very much for the guide. Today i converted AP-305 to IAP-305 and there is one little thing i want to point out. If you use below version of the command


    ap convert active all-aps server tftp <server address A.B.C.D> <code filename>


    and leave it like this, any new CAP that you will connect and provision, it will be turned to IAP !. I did this today and waiting for the CAP to come up and it seemed like ages. Then i restarted it and waited again, then it occurred to me that second AP was already converted. Also why i selected all-aps, initially i tried with specific-aps and tftp server which didnt work for some reason. My TFTP was 100% fine and working (because few mintues earlier, i converted my 7010 to 8.6 from 6.5). So i tried changing specific APs to All-aps and didnt change it after converting the first AP. So when i plugged in the second 305 and after provisioning it from controller, it never came back as CAP  

  • 12.  RE: AP Convert command in 8.6

    Posted Jun 22, 2020 03:21 PM

    have you tried to convert AP-200 serie by chance ? 

  • 13.  RE: AP Convert command in 8.6

    Posted Jun 23, 2020 11:04 AM

    The AP-200 series cannot run InstantOS beyond version 6.5, so trying to convert them to v8 or higher is not possible.

  • 14.  RE: AP Convert command in 8.6

    Posted Sep 25, 2020 11:26 AM