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Issue - Client connectivity loose ArubaOS with AP-505

  • 1.  Issue - Client connectivity loose ArubaOS with AP-505

    Posted Sep 04, 2020 07:24 AM

    Hi best of the best,


    I have a strange issue i struggle for a while now, i got the same issue in my HomeLAB (even after fresh install anything) and most worse at one my customers. After have long sessions with TAC the issue still exsist and is hard to reproduce :(.


    Enviroment HomeLAB: 2xVMC / ArubaOS / AP-505 / L2 Cluster / Tunneled mode / WPA2-Personal / 5Ghz only / 40mhz/ / tx15dBm


    Enviroment Customer: 2x7205 / ArubaOS / AP-505 / L2 Cluster / Tunneled mode / WPA2-Personal / 5Ghz only. / 40mhz / tx15dBm



    When a user connect to the WiFi its connected and secured without internet connectivity don't get a DHCP. I can see that 802.11 association and authentication is succeeded. But because it have no DHCP its not in the user-table or get a user-role (normal behavior). When the client walk to a neighbour AP, it directly get a DCHP lease from the external DHCP server and have connectivity. When walk back to the first AP, the roaming works fine and the client stay active for the rest of the day.


    At home i have almost the same situation, after working hours without any issues the WiFi drops. I still have 802.11 association and authentication succeeded (no de-auth), still have a IP from the early session, but can't ping my default gateway anymore. This happens after lunch while i was maybe set in power-save mode. I pickup my laptop, walk to the first floor and connectivity is back normal. Walking back to my second floor and stay connected for hours.


    I have a lot of customers and focus this issue only on ArubaOS8.6.x.x with the AP-505. In both senario's i have the HE SSID disabled. Looks like a roaming issue or so, but roaming itself work correct when i look at the 802.11 management frames.


    I see this happend with windows 10, iPhones, Andriod, any devices. My intel driver AX200 are updated and because it happens on many different clients its not a client issue. Because iám walking back to the first AP (and same channel) there is also no channel or RF issue, no radar events, good snr, etc.


    It must be something else, inside the cluster UAC/AAC etc. I cant figure it and keep struggling for a while. Please help my out and give my sleeping hours back (Lol).


    What i learn from the "show user mac ..." output is that when the connectivity is loosed i see the A2c_SM SeqNum, OldNum is 0,0. When connectivity is back it have 3,0. But i don't known what the A2c_SM means.


    Some help should be very nice!


  • 2.  RE: Issue - Client connectivity loose ArubaOS with AP-505

    Posted Sep 30, 2020 03:36 PM

    Do you have DHCP logs from when the connection is failing?