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IAP-105 in a rebooting loop

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  • 1.  IAP-105 in a rebooting loop

    Posted Oct 12, 2012 10:32 PM

    Hi all,


    I just received two IAP-105 access points for evaluation from one of the resellers, and I configured one fine, and connected the second one to the same LAN expecting to join the first one.


    I noticed that it seems to constantly reboot, which was confirmed when I logged on via teh console.


    Could anyone tell me what's the problem here, as I'm new to Aruba but I'm very impressed with how easy it was to configure the first one.


    thanks a million,






    Copyright (c) 2005-2006 Atheros Communications, Inc. All Rights Reserved Sending SIGKILL to all processes.

    Please stand by while rebooting the system.

    Restarting system. .

    APBoot (build 26618) Built: 2011-01-07 at 13:42:04

    Model: AP-10x CPU:   AR7161 revision: A2 Clock: 680 MHz, DDR clock: 340 MHz, Bus clock: 170 MHz DRAM:  128 MB POST1: passed Copy:  done Flash: 16 MB PCI:   scanning bus 0 ...        dev fn venID devID class  rev    MBAR0    MBAR1    MBAR2    MBAR3        00  00  168c  0029 00002   01 10000000 00000000 00000000 00000000        01  00  168c  0029 00002   01 10010000 00000000 00000000 00000000

    Net:   eth0 Radio: ar922x#0, ar922x#1

    Hit <Enter> to stop autoboot: 

    0 Booting OS partition 1 Checking image @ 0xbf800000

    Image is signed; verifying checksum... passed

    Signer Cert OK Policy Cert OK RSA signature verified.

    ELF file is 32 bit Loading .text @ 0x80e00000 (3624264 bytes)

    Loading .data @ 0x81174d50 (32 bytes) Clearing .bss @ 0x81174d70 (16 bytes) ## Starting application at 0x80e00000 ... Uncompressing................................. þ

    Aruba Networks ArubaOS Version (build 28288 / label #28288) Built by p4build@stan on 2011-05-11 at 11:55:37 PDT (gcc version 4.3.3) CPU Rev: aa 71x CPU Flash variant: default Cache parity protection disabled Using 340.000 MHz high precision timer. cycles_per_jiffy=680000 Memory: 123008k/131072k available (1850k kernel code, 7920k reserved, 669k data, 2812k init, 0k highmem)  available. detected lzma initramfs initramfs: LZMA lc=3,lp=0,pb=2,dictSize=8388608,origSize=11754496 LZMA initramfs by Ming-Ching Tiew <>


    .......................................................... AR7100 GPIOC major 0 wdt: registered with refresh Enabling Watchdog Talisker RSSI LED initialization Creating 1 MTD partitions on "ar7100-nor0": 0x00000000-0x01000000 : "flash" i2c /dev entries driver i2c-talisker: using default base 0x18040000 AD7416 driver probing for devices on AR7100 I2C .<6>lo: Disabled Privacy Extensions IPv6 over IPv4 tunneling driver

    Starting Kernel SHA1 KAT ...Completed Kernel SHA1 KAT Starting Kernel HMAC-SHA1 KAT ...Completed Kernel HMAC-SHA1 KAT Starting Kernel DES KAT ...Completed Kernel DES KAT Starting Kernel AES KAT ...Completed Kernel AES KAT

    Domain Name: No panic info available Testing TPM... TPM driver running in 3203 mode Passed ag7100_mod: module license 'unspecified' taints kernel. AG7100: Length per segment 512 AG7100: Max segments per packet 4 AG7100: Max tx descriptor count    400 AG7100: Max rx descriptor count    252 AG7100: fifo cfg 3 018001ff AG7100CHH: Mac address for unit 0 AG7100CHH: 00:0b:86:cf:93:9a ATHRF1: Port 0, Neg Success ATHRF1: unit 0 phy addr 0 ATHRF1: reg0 0 AP xml model 39, num_radios 2 (jiffies 7367) init_asap_mod: installation:0 radio 0: band 1 ant 0 max_ssid 8 radio 1: band 0 ant 0 max_ssid 8 setting bond0 as bridge child setting gre0 as split child Starting watchdog process... Getting an IP address... ag7100_ring_alloc Allocated 4800 at 0x87f32000 ag7100_ring_alloc Allocated 3024 at 0x804cd000 AG7100: cfg1 0xf cfg2 0x7014 ATHRF1: Port 0, Neg Success ATHRF1: unit 0 phy addr 0 ATHRF1: reg0 3100 AG7100: unit 0: phy not up carrier 1 Writing 4 ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): bond0: link is not ready AG7100: unit 0 phy is up...RGMii 1000Mbps full duplex AG7100: pll reg 0x18050010: 0x110000  AG7100: cfg_1: 0x1ff0000 AG7100: cfg_2: 0x3ff AG7100: cfg_3: 0x18001ff AG7100: cfg_4: 0xffff AG7100: cfg_5: 0xfffef AG7100: done cfg2 0x7215 ifctl 0x0 miictrl 0x22 ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): bond0: link becomes ready Running ADP /tmp/master: No such file or directory Done.

    Master is killall: nanny: no process killed killall: sapd: no process killed

    Sending SIGKILL to all processes.

    Please stand by while rebooting the system.

    Restarting system. .


  • 2.  RE: IAP-105 in a rebooting loop

    Posted Oct 13, 2012 06:32 AM

    It is running ADP to look for controller. Did you try to use factory_reset command? If it is not working, reboot the AP and break the boot  process. Start TFTP and proceed the following command to put instant image:


    #upgrade os <tftp_server_ip>:<Instant_image_name>


    For example: #upgrade os ArubaInstant_Orion_6.1.3.1-


    And reboot the AP after the process, it should be start with the instant image.



  • 3.  RE: IAP-105 in a rebooting loop

    Posted Oct 13, 2012 10:44 AM

    I agree with Somnium.  You can see in the bootup process that it is booting AOS b28288 which is a controller-based image.


    Either this IAP has been configured to be managed by a controller  * or *   this is not an IAP (controller only model).


    Flip the suspect unit over and take a look at tthe labels of the back  Look for one small label that states "IAP-105-US" (if in the US).   If you do not find "IAP-105-US" but, rather, find "AP-105" then this is a controller-based AP and connot become an IAP and cannot be managed by your other IAP.


    If it is an IAP-105-US then use the reset proceedure to revert back to an IAP:


    1. Unplug the IAP

    2. Get a paperclip and insert the paperclip into the small hole on the back of the IAP (top-center) and hold down the reset button.

    3. While holding down the reset button plug the IAP back in and continue holding the reset button for 10 seconds.

    4. Release.




  • 4.  RE: IAP-105 in a rebooting loop

    Posted Oct 13, 2012 04:40 PM
      |   view attached

    Hi all and thanks for the prompt responses :)


    I chcecked on the back and both have the same label, IAP-105


    I did the reset button procedure, and still the same, and I also did the factory_reset from the CLI, and also copied the latest image from Aruba via TFTP, which seemed to be copied OK as it said it copied OK and erased the flash to write the new image, but when I rebooted it again, the sequence is exacttly the same as before, it's like booting the old image somehow...


    Does the device have two flash locations, and you could choose which image to boot?


    Thanks  mill for your help,






  • 5.  RE: IAP-105 in a rebooting loop
    Best Answer

    Posted Oct 13, 2012 05:55 PM

    OK, I got it working!!


    I compared the boot process of the non-working AP with the working one, and I noticed that while the working one was booting the new OS :


    Aruba Networks
    ArubaOS Version (build 35320 / label #35320)
    Built by p4build@cyprus on 2012-09-15 at 13:43:44 PDT (gcc version 4.3.3)


    - the non-working AP was still booting an older version, although I have upgraded it via TFTP:


    Aruba Networks
    ArubaOS Version (build 28288 / label #28288)
    Built by p4build@stan on 2011-05-11 at 11:55:37 PDT (gcc version 4.3.3)


    I have searched on the Support website and found that it has 2 partitions (partition 0 and partition 1).


    I compared the environment variables in the boot menu and were the same, both APs were booting from the same partition (partition 1):


    apboot> printenv
    bootcmd=boot ap


    So knowing that I succesfuly upgraded the OS but it wasn't on partition 1, I concluded that the Instant AP OS is onpartition 0, so I changed the environment variable:


    apboot>setenv os_partition 0


    Once rebooted, it started OK and joined the other AP immediately :)


    Thanks again for all who have responded.




    PS: the KB link with the boot variables:




  • 6.  RE: IAP-105 in a rebooting loop

    Posted Oct 13, 2012 06:17 PM

    Just another question on the same topic:


    How true is the following post then, which says that, when the AP has been used in a Controller-based mode (using partition 0) and you reset it to the default, it boots from partition 1 where the Instant OS is saved?


    It didn't really match with what I found working in may case...