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User Idle Disconnects

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  • 1.  User Idle Disconnects

    Posted Feb 10, 2017 09:10 AM

    I have a customer that is experiencing disconnects on some wireless printers they have in a warehouse.


    User goes to print and is unable to. Printers web-gui does not respond and you can’t ping the printer either. User goes over to printer and power cycles it. Printer connects up, ping good, web-gui good and user is able to print without any issues.


    I checked signal strength and that is fine. I changed the couple timers that I knew about to their max. But this did not correct the problem.


    Configuration>Authentication>Advanced Tab

      -User Idle Timeout 15300

      -Logon User Lifetime (min) 255


    This is a new install of AP-315's and 7030 controller running firmware. They had been using these printers for a long time without any issues using a 650 controller with AP-105's.


    It definitely appears to be user idle disconnect because I setup a continuous ping to one of the printers and ever since the issue has gone away on that one printer. No need to reset it. All the other printers continue to have to be reset.



  • 2.  RE: User Idle Disconnects

    Posted Feb 10, 2017 09:14 AM

    You can try disabling suppress-arp on that VLAN.  Suppress ARP (on by default) can possibly make silent clients not receive ARP requests:  http://www.arubanetworks.com/techdocs/ArubaOS_65x_WebHelp/Web_Help_Index.htm#ArubaFrameStyles/1CommandList/interface_vlan_.htm?Highlight=suppress-arp

  • 3.  RE: User Idle Disconnects

    Posted Feb 10, 2017 09:19 AM

    I'll give that a try.




  • 4.  RE: User Idle Disconnects

    Posted Feb 14, 2017 08:32 AM

    The enable suppress ARP setting did not make a difference. 


    Took a look at the client list in the controller when this is happening and I see the printer on the list but definately does not work. 


    If we reset the printer and run a continuous ping it stays alive. Again, they did not have this problem using the 650 controller with ap-105s so I don't think it's a printer problem.

  • 5.  RE: User Idle Disconnects

    Posted Feb 14, 2017 08:35 AM

    Can you make sure that the printer has an "allowall" role so that it is not blocking any traffic for it to stay alive?

  • 6.  RE: User Idle Disconnects

    Posted Feb 28, 2017 02:53 PM

    Printer is getting allowall role. Nothing being blocked.


    Any other suggestions or do you think I should call in and start a case?

  • 7.  RE: User Idle Disconnects

    Posted Feb 28, 2017 03:09 PM
    You should start a case. It has been two weeks...

  • 8.  RE: User Idle Disconnects
    Best Answer

    Posted Mar 08, 2017 02:21 PM

    Adding static arp entries into the controller fixed this problem.