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Forum to discuss using Aruba APs, switches, and the Edge Service Platform (unified infrastructure, zero trust security, and AIOps) for any type of IoT or IIoT application. Included are IoT technology partners (e.g., EnOcean, Microsoft, and Zebra) and IIoT technology partners (e.g., ABB and Siemens).

Aruba Cental Clients only shows MAC address

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  • 1.  Aruba Cental Clients only shows MAC address

    Posted Mar 04, 2022 10:47 AM

    I've been searching around for answers on this, and wanted to reach out to the community first to see if anyone else sees this.  We are currently using Aruba Central cloud and on prem ClearPass Policy Manager.

    On site I am using an ArubaOS-CX 6200 with downloadable user roles from CPPM.  After a client has dot1x authed with CPPM, the client only shows the mac address in Aruba Central and not the username/hostname of the dot1x authed device.  At other sites which have an ArubaOS 2930F, we can see username/hostname in Aruba Central with out issues.

    So I'm not sure if there is a config on the CX line that is needed to show this information in Central, or if it's just a current limitation of the CX line in Central.



    Jeremy Lasher