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5400R-zl2 management redundancy

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  • 1.  5400R-zl2 management redundancy

    Posted Jun 17, 2019 10:12 AM

    Hello all,


    I have a question regarding the management redundancy in a 5406R-zl2 chassis. I am running my chassis with 2 management modules (MM1 and MM2). MM1 had issues so I used "redundancy switchover" meaning MM2 is now my active management module.


    What happens if I remove MM1 and put a new replacement management module back in the switch? (I am assuming MM2 will remain active and the new MM1 will remain standby get the current firmware and configuration files of MM2).


    Kind regards,

    Niels Mejan

    University of Twente




  • 2.  RE: 5400R-zl2 management redundancy
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    Posted Jun 17, 2019 11:08 AM

    Whoops, found it after I did some more digging:




    If the software version in the hotswapped module does not match the software version in the active module, the following occurs:


    1. The active module sends the primary and secondary images in flash to the hotswapped module.
    2. The module that was hotswapped in then reboots if necessary to primary or secondary flash, whichever matches (if it does not already match.)
    3. After the hotswapped management module finishes booting, it is sent the config and other critical files from the active management module.
    4. The hotswapped management module goes into standby mode and is ready to take over in case of a switchover.

  • 3.  RE: 5400R-zl2 management redundancy

    Posted Jun 18, 2019 06:41 AM

    Yeah...and to be overly clear documentation should specify that the hotswapped module is actually the standby one (SMM).


    A thing I don't understand entirely is, considering what is the subject, what is reported on the Note:



    If steps 1-4 are executed how will be possible to fall into what the note reports? the only thing I'm thinking of is that primary (or secondary) Flash on SMM will have a software version that doesn't match with secondary (or primary) on the very same SMM which, on the other hand, matches the one booted on the AMM...Am I wrong?

  • 4.  RE: 5400R-zl2 management redundancy

    Posted Jun 18, 2019 08:03 AM

    Hello parnassus,


    My hypothesis would be such a situation might occur in case a boot ROM upgrade is needed (i.e. the new module inserted has a much older boot ROM than the current active MM). It might also be a fall-back scenario in case all else fails to go into warm-standby redundancy mode.


    I have no data to back up that hypothesis though, and since my own issue is now solved, I'm not going to delve into that any more. I swapped out my failed MM this morning with a new module and it followed steps 1-4 perfectly. The switch is now back running in nonstop switching redundancy mode (without having issued a single command myself).


    Kind regards,

    Niels Mejan

    University of Twente

  • 5.  RE: 5400R-zl2 management redundancy

    Posted Jun 18, 2019 08:29 AM

    That's very good Niels! ...mine was just a digression about a documentation's note I personally feel a little bit unclear, nothing very important...the essential was there.


    Glad all the procedure you followed was truly flawless.