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ISC for distributed trunking

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  • 1.  ISC for distributed trunking

    Posted Oct 11, 2021 08:42 AM
    Hi all,
    Was hoping if i can get some valued guidance on a switch interconnect we are trying to build for distributed trunking. The two switches belong to the old 5400zl series already share a trunk port with a default vlan untagged and a number of tagged vlans. No STP or VRRP configured. No possibility of doing a VSF. That leaves us with DT or mclag should we connect any downstream switches.

    A third switch will be connected as a downstream switch and dual attached using distributed trunking.

    Can i reuse the existing trunk and configure this as ISC for the keep alives to be sent across or do i have to configure a new trunk/port between the switches dedicated for this purpose?

    Thanks in advance!

    Atif Siddiqui

  • 2.  RE: ISC for distributed trunking
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    Posted Oct 12, 2021 04:54 AM

    Hi Atif,

    You should configure separate ISC and keepalive link. Keepalive packets are transmitted in order for the DT pair to detect if there is a link failure (ISC failure) or if the remote peer is completely down. Here a copy-paste from the restrictions: "The peer-keepalive VLAN can have only one member port and a port cannot be a member of a regular VLAN and a peer-keepalive VLAN."

    You should be able to use the already existing trunk as ISC, but you have to use another link for the keepalive.
    For some config examples and DT restrictions please take a look at this guide: https://higherlogicdownload.s3.amazonaws.com/HPE/MigratedAssets/Distributed%20Trunking%20-%20Configuration%20Guide.pdf




    Stanislav Naydenov