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Add Devices to Aruba Central Group from HPE Greenlake

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  • 1.  Add Devices to Aruba Central Group from HPE Greenlake

    Posted 4 days ago

    In Aruba Central, before the migration to HPE Greenlake, I was able to add new devices via serial and MAC address and assign them to a specific group via device inventory. Now all of that is done in HPE Greenlake but I don't see where I can add them directly into a group so they grab the config that I need without having to bring them up into a "Default" group, join a cluster, and then move into the correct group. We have been a strictly AOS 10 environment since the beginning of last year and this makes the process when bringing new APs online. We are a large K-12 education environment with roughly 4000 APs so we are continually bringing new APs online or swapping out with RMAs. It would make the process much easier if this function was still there. Does anyone know if that feature is still available or how to get to it?

  • 2.  RE: Add Devices to Aruba Central Group from HPE Greenlake

    Posted 3 days ago
    Hi Parkerma,

    You can set a group for APs prior to coming online by using Device Pre-provisioning. This is found within Aruba Central.
    Click on Organization in the left hand navigation. Click on Device Preprovisioning.
    Find your APs in the Device table. Select the devices you would like to modify provisioning settings for.
    Multiple devices can be selected.
    Click the Device Move/action button at the bottom right of the table.
    Choose the group you would like to preprovision devices to from the dropdown.
    Click Move.