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Console Connection Issue - 2620 Switch

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  • 1.  Console Connection Issue - 2620 Switch

    Posted Jan 26, 2022 08:39 AM

    I have a number of 2620 switches in production that I'm looking to setup remote access to via the console port.
    Of the 8 switches, I can only get a working console connection on 4. I'm using the same console cable, laptop, terminal settings on all switches.

    The only difference I have noticed between the working switches and the non-working switches is when I run a 'show session-list' command.

    On a working switch the 'Privilege' is set to 'Manager':

    But on a non-working switch the 'Privilege' is set to either 'Superuser' or is blank:

    My question is, do you know how I can set the 'Privilege' level for the console port, so I can try setting it to 'Manager' on the non-working switches to see if it fixes my issue?

    Adam Bishop