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MSR958 broken web UI after firmware update.

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  • 1.  MSR958 broken web UI after firmware update.

    Posted Nov 23, 2021 10:16 AM

    I have a MSR958 router series router, a JH300A model to be precise. Last night I have updated it to the latest firmware version: 7.1.064 Release 0809P11 from like 2017 firmware I had. After that I cannot access vlan settings tab beacuse I am greeted with a popup saying:

    "The connection to the device was closed. Please check the network connectivity and the status of the HTTP or HTTPS service."

    I get the same message when trying to set zone firewall. I previously could access those two tabs with an old firmware.

    Besides the update problem, Generally ui feels quite unbaked. For example: I cant configure any ipv6 settings from the web interface.
    Are those devices are meant to be managed via CLI? And web gui is just an extra bolt on feature? 

    Many Thanks

    Bartosz Grzelak

  • 2.  RE: MSR958 broken web UI after firmware update.

    Posted Nov 24, 2021 07:40 AM
    Hi Bartosz!

    As discussed in another thread (which seems to be duplicate) you can downgrade to 0707P24 and I suggest you to open a case with Aruba TAC in order to get Web GUI in 08xx s/w branch fixed.

    My personal opinion: Web GUI in all Comware-based devices (except 19xx series and to some extent in 5130-EI) is just for basic configuration and was not designed as primary way to configure and manage those devices. So you are not the only one who feels the CLI is subpar to the CLI.
    Comware CLI is pretty decent, I like it better than Cisco's (at least 'display this' is what I miss a lot in IOS) and with a couple of aliases (like 'display' = 'show' etc.) you can really feel like at home, of course if you are proficient enough with Cisco's lingo or like some vendors call it "industry-standard CLI" ;-) 

    Ivan Bondar

  • 3.  RE: MSR958 broken web UI after firmware update.

    Posted Nov 24, 2021 10:57 AM
    Hi Ivan,

    Apologies, it is indeed a duplicate, I wasn't sure if it went through and then I had to wait for moderation. There is also no way to delete the post.

    I am very appreciative of your experimentation on firmware. After your post with the firmware findings, I  went ahead and actually downgraded to 0707P24. That fixed the issue! Its older firmware, however it is not so bad, as I was still a lot of versions behind that one.

    In regards to that GUI vs CLI thing,
    Personally I think CLI is not an easy or intuitive way of managing your networking equipment if you are not a networking technician . I am sure though that's the matter of experience or preference.

    Bartosz Grzelak

  • 4.  RE: MSR958 broken web UI after firmware update.

    Posted Nov 24, 2021 11:42 AM
    There is a learning curve, no doubt. And the fact is that not everybody who needs to configure some basic features like routing, simple firewall, NAT and 2-3 IPSec tunnels wants to invest time learning tasks that for many people is one-time configuration and then they don't touch the routers for years. May be that is why computer networks are transforming to software-defined paradigm - SDN, SD-WAN etc which can be managed much easier with same orchestration tools used for management compute and storage resources.
    Anyway, centralized configuration, management and automation are possible even now, tools like HPE IMC integrate Comware-based devices quite well, but if we speak about single router or a couple of switches and/or routers it's an overkill :)

    Ivan Bondar