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Forum to discuss using Aruba APs, switches, and the Edge Service Platform (unified infrastructure, zero trust security, and AIOps) for any type of IoT or IIoT application. Included are IoT technology partners (e.g., EnOcean, Microsoft, and Zebra) and IIoT technology partners (e.g., ABB and Siemens).
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Config management CLI

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  • 1.  Config management CLI

    Posted Jan 21, 2022 12:37 PM

    Hi all,

    I'm new to the ARUBA world and to the use of the CLI. I have a 6300 with firmware FL.10.08.1021. I have created the following config on a specific port

    interface 1/1/23
         no shutdown
         rate-limit unknown-unicast 50000 kbps
         rate-limit broadcast 50000 kbps
         description DAC link to ground floor stack port 1/1/52
         no routing
         vlan trunk native 1
         vlan trunk allowed 225,242,252,2242,2257,3046,3409
         arp inspection trust
         dhcpv4-snooping trust

    At the end of this is the word 'exit' - I'm not quite sure how it got there but its likely I have a cut and paste episode. But it shouldn't be there.

    My question is how do I get rid of the offending statement? I've tried # configure interface 1/1/23 > no exit - the response to this is 'Invalid input: exit'.

    I'm quite happy to flush all the config details for that interface but I'm not aware of a command that will do that.  I would also note that when I back up the switch config via SFTP 'exit' does not appear in the config file??? Odd...

    Any ideas?



    Andrew Gerrard

  • 2.  RE: Config management CLI

    Posted Jan 22, 2022 11:27 AM
    If you are in the interface context and you want move back one level up, you enter 'exit'. Also if you want to see the context config, you enter 'show running current' in the context.  Showing the context there is always the 'exit' at the end of the context. The 'exit' line is not shown in the running config.

    You can copy paste with or without the exit command.