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Getting Started: Discussions

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  • 1.  Getting Started: Discussions

    Posted Oct 28, 2020 11:35 AM

    Are you ready to contribute to the Airheads Community, but not sure where to start? There are a lot of ways to add your voice to the community!

    1. Recommend a post
      1. Did someone post a thread that you agree with or was particularly helpful? Or maybe you just want to show your appreciation for that member's post – go ahead and click the "kudos" button! This is a great way to show someone that you appreciate their post, even if you don't have anything specific to contribute. Think of it as a "like" on other forms of social media. If a user's thread gets a lot of kudos, they may get rewards in the community, so give kudos to the threads you find value in!
      2. Follow a post
        1. Did someone ask a question that you are curious about, and want to see responses to? Follow the post. Following will send you automatic notifications when someone replies to the post so that you don't miss any of the discussion. When you have gotten what you need out of the post, you can always go in and unfollow the post
        1. Reply to a post
          1. Do you see a post you want to contribute to? Time to start replying! You can do so in two different ways.
          2. Reply: This is the standard way you would add your response to the thread. If the thread already has new responses, you can reply to the original thread or one of the responses, and your reply will show up in the thread in chronological order.
        1. Reply privately: If you would like to respond to a discussion privately, you can do that through the "Reply privately" function. This will send a community notification and email to the user you are replying to. Your reply will not show publicly in the community. You can do so by clicking the down arrow beside "reply" and choosing "reply privately"
        1. Start a new thread
          1. If you have any ideas to share, or maybe have a problem you have been trying to solve, I highly recommend starting a new thread in our community
          2. To start a new thread, go into the and click the "Add" button beside the Latest Discussions Post
          3. If you are already in the Discussions tab, you can also choose "Post New Message."
        1. Add a subject (think about an email subject) and then add the content of your post in the body. Don't forget that you can add links, images and videos into your post. You can also attach any files that are relevant to your post, and they will live on the post and in the resource library for other users to see.

        You will likely next just post your discussion by choosing "send". But you also have the option to schedule your post for a later date or save your post as a draft if you need to come back to it later.

        1. Here are some quick tips on how to make your discussion post successful:
          1. Clear, concise subject line
          2. Greeting
          3. Background context

    Greg Weaver
    Airheads Community Admin