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AOS 6.x to 8.x no MM

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  • 1.  AOS 6.x to 8.x no MM

    Posted Jan 26, 2022 08:59 AM
    My company currently has an older AOS 6.x master-local deployment, we have plans to migrate to the Cloud but for now my management want's me to at least upgrade our current controllers to 8.x without a Mobility Master. Is it possible to backup configurations, upgrade the controllers to 8.x code and just copy/paste configuration? I know if upgrading the controllers straight to 8.x it will wipe the config so not an option. Again this would be without Mobility Master.

  • 2.  RE: AOS 6.x to 8.x no MM

    Posted Jan 26, 2022 09:30 AM
    For the most part, yes you should be able to paste most of the config. You will also need to upgrade your licenses to AOSv8, so keep that in mind. Usually best to use a spare controller to test and eventually use as the new master.

    Dustin Burns

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  • 3.  RE: AOS 6.x to 8.x no MM

    Posted Jan 27, 2022 04:51 AM
    As Dustin mentioned I would also use a spare controller to test the migration or split your Master/Local to free up a controller to work on.
    Your licences will need converting and you will need your licence keys handy for the OS8 install. Mare sure you do a "write erase all" before installing OS8. I didn't do this which caused a strange situation where I couldn't access the controller GUI in OS8.
    Depending upon how complex your config is I would be tempted just to recreate your wireless networks using the wizard as it's quick to do. This also gives a nice clean config for OS8 rather than puzzling over copying stuff that you may no longer need.
    Good luck!