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Port security, and connecting new devices

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  • 1.  Port security, and connecting new devices

    Posted 3 days ago
    On the 2390F, I have port security enabled.  I'm going to make this port into a trunk port so I can connect another switch to it.
    The new hosts that I'll be connecting are, a managed switch, AP.  But i'll also be connecting some serial-WiFi adapters.

    I'm trying to decide what's a good option.  Should I add each new hosts one by one as I'm connecting them or disable port-security, and may be use the 'sticky' feature?  Or is there a way to keep the connected devices on the port-security, and excluded WiFi hosts?

  • 2.  RE: Port security, and connecting new devices

    Posted 3 days ago
    Hi, I don't enter the "port security" part of your post BUT I want to be sure that with "trunk" word you mean links aggregation (On Aruba 2930F - ArubaOS-Switch operating system driven - the term "trunk" refers to links aggregation = Port Trunk = EtherChannel if you're coming from Cisco-like experiences)...that's to say that to just connect to a peer switch you don't need a "trunk" port (and you don't need for sure to setup a links aggregation made with just one single physical link): you CAN use a Port Trunk if you deploy links aggregation between peer switches (generally by using LACP) BUT you can also interconnect peer switches with a single link.

    The term "trunk" made me think you want to transport more (tagged) VLANs over that link between peer means, in Aruba 2930F jargon, to tag VLAN IDs over involved ports and set spanning-tree admin-edge-port true (point-to-point).

  • 3.  RE: Port security, and connecting new devices

    Posted 3 days ago
    In my view, port security is something you enable on access ports. If you connect another switch, that is not an access port, and you should configure your port security on that switch's access ports.

    Herman Robers
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  • 4.  RE: Port security, and connecting new devices

    Posted 2 days ago
    By trunk I mean by allowing more than 1 VLAN through a port.  I'm used to Netgear.  I don't mean LAG (Link Aggregation)

    @Herman Robers
    Yes, this is a 'Trunk' port, as in connecting to another managed switch, and allowing multiple VLANs.​​