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AOS-CX ACL commands (COUNT/LOG) ???

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  • 1.  AOS-CX ACL commands (COUNT/LOG) ???

    Posted Jun 09, 2020 05:44 AM

    Re: AOS-CX ACL commands (COUNT/LOG)


    I have not found a global method to add/remove COUNT to every ACE in mass.


    A method to automatically add/remove a "LOG COUNT" parameter to each ACE by using an ACL global COMMAND.


    If there is not a method, there should be.


    Something like (similar to the resequencing command paramter):


    access-list ip FILTER_TO_HOST_B COUNT deny


    access-list ip FILTER_TO_HOST_B LOG COUNT deny


    access-list ip FILTER_TO_HOST_B LOG COUNT any


    Yes, I understand you can presently only LOG DENY ACE's but the OS could be smart enough to add Logs/Counts to any ACE that is supported when the ACL COUNT/LOG command is applied.