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ClearPass Guest And FIAS Integration on Authenticating WIFI Users.

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  • 1.  ClearPass Guest And FIAS Integration on Authenticating WIFI Users.

    Posted Sep 29, 2022 11:14 AM
    Hay all,

    Right now, I am using Aruba Virtual Mobility Controller and Aruba Clearpass to authenticate users to a wifi network.
    My authentication source that clearpass are using to authenticate,  is the "[Guest User Repository]" from the guest users i have created in CP Guest.

    From now on,  I want to authenticate users, so they can have access on Wireless network, by their "Room ID" and "Last Name" (Info that FIAS provide me). I have connected the Clearpass server with FIAS (Fidelio server interface) via Hotspot Manager >> Transaction processors.

    I have reached a way of doing in, but it is not 100% what i want. I will show you how the proccess is at the momment and then i will explain what i would like to have as final outcome.

    When you connect on the Wifi network these are the paegs that will apear on you untill you get access.
    1. Logging Page ( You get authenticated by Username, Password of an account that is created in Clearpass Guest  and saved in "[Guest User Repository]".) - (We dont want to get access from a account that has been created manualy, but accounts from fias interface - so we press "Need an Account? Click Here" )

    2. Create an Account Page ( In this page the user has to use his info "Room Address" and "Last Name" (info that fias provide)  so he can continue in next step of creating an account)

    3.Plan Selection Page ( Till now user has authenticated he is a client of "fidelio/oracle server" by showing his room number and his last name, and clearpass asking him to choose a plan)

    4. Registering a Wireless account Page. In this page Clearpass asks the user to enter his details so he can create account successfully.

    5. Account registration Receipt Page. Account has been created successfully (and saved on "[Guest User Repository]" ) and clearpass prints his details "Account username " and "Password"

    6. After that user can log-in to the entwork and get authenticated by the account that have been created from the user and have been stored on "[Guest User Repository]".

    Here is my questions.

    1. Is there any way users can use only their "room number" and "Last name" as authentication source and not as a pre authentication step so they can create a final account. I mean that i want users to have access to the wifi only by using the info that fias provides me.
    2. If the above problem can not be solved, Is there any way the account that are being created by user , to have as username the room number and as password the last name of the client?  (Username = Room_number, Password = Last_name )

    In conclusion, tldr, i want hotel clients can join a wifi network as more smooth as possible , without having them create accounts etc only by using their room info (that are being transfered from oracle/fidelio server thru FIAS interface to Clearpass).

    I am open to any idea anyone can come up. Waiting for your thoughts

    Sorry for my not good english.
    Thank you all in advance.

    Best Regards, dpar!

  • 2.  RE: ClearPass Guest And FIAS Integration on Authenticating WIFI Users.

    Posted Sep 30, 2022 01:17 AM
    Integration with PMS is quite specialised and it is best to contact your local Aruba rep for it.

    Any opinions expressed here are solely my own and not necessarily that of Hewlett Packard Enterprise or Aruba.

  • 3.  RE: ClearPass Guest And FIAS Integration on Authenticating WIFI Users.

    Posted Oct 03, 2022 05:24 PM
    Hay all, original post has been edited, containing an example of how i am thinking the whole situation.

    Again thank you all in advance.