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To enable ble-console in campus AP post 8.6 

May 26, 2020 02:43 AM


How to enable BLE-Console for campus AP post 8.6.x.x


Prior to 8.6, you can enable ble-console in ap system profile by setting the mode as persistant-console. However post 8.6, this feature has been moved to a separate radio profile called iot-radio profile. You can set the mode of the iot-radio profile to ble and enable ble-console for bluconsole access.

(config) #iot radio-profile Test
(IoT Radio Profile "Test") #radio-mode ble 
(IoT Radio Profile "Test") #ble-console on
(IoT Radio Profile "Test") #exit


Map the iot-radio profile Test in the requried ap-group.

(config) #ap-group default 
(AP group "default") #iot radio-profile Test
(AP group "default") #write mem


#show ap-group default 

AP group "default"
Parameter                                Value
---------                                -----
Virtual AP                               test-bridge
802.11a radio profile                    default
802.11a secondary radio profile          N/A
802.11g radio profile                    default
802.11 60GHz radio profile               default
Ethernet interface 0 port configuration  default
Ethernet interface 1 port configuration  default
Ethernet interface 2 port configuration  shutdown
Ethernet interface 3 port configuration  shutdown
Ethernet interface 4 port configuration  shutdown
Ethernet usb port configuration          shutdown
AP system profile                        default
AP multizone profile                     default
802.11a Traffic Management profile       N/A
802.11g Traffic Management profile       N/A
Regulatory Domain profile                default
RF Optimization profile                  default
RF Event Thresholds profile              default
IDS profile                              default   
Mesh Radio profile                       default
Mesh Cluster profile                     N/A
WiFi uplink profile                      N/A
Provisioning profile                     N/A
AP authorization profile                 N/A
IoT radio profile                        Test
ZigBee Service Profile                   N/A
#show ap debug ble-config ap-name 70:3a:0e:c1:2e:cc

---------- IOT Radio Profiles -----------------
Profile Name        : Test
Radio Instance      : Internal
Radio Mode          : BLE
BLE Mode            : beaconing scanning
BLE Console         : On
BLE Tx Power (dBm)  : 0
Note: No Zigbee service profiles configured.

Radio Configuration
Radio Information     TI ONBOARD Internal BLE 
-----------------     ------------------------
Radio Profile Type    --
Zigbee Supported      No
APB MAC Address       88:c2:55:aa:41:18
Operational Mode      Persistent Console (APB: Persistent Console)
Bundled BluOS Images  Bank A(/aruba/bin/UpgradeImage_AP_OAD-A_1.2-37.bin) Bank B(/aruba/bin/Beacon_AP_OAD-B_1.2-37.bin)
Miscellaneous Configuration                        
Item                            Value
----                            -----
FIPS Mode                       No
LMS IP                
Controller IP         
PAPI Source IP        
BLE Ready                       Yes
APB Info Update Intvl (in sec)  83 (1330218/1330185)
BLE debug log                   Disabled
Message Selector                0xffff (APB: 0xffff)
AP USB Power Override           Disabled (0)
Uplink Status                   Up (APB: -NA-)
APB Connection Status           0
Time Last Message to APB        1970-01-01 05:30:00 
Log Levels Available            { All(0xfffff), Info(0x04), Warning(0x02), Error(0x01), Ageout(0x08), BMReq(0x10), FW-Upgrade(0x20), FW-UpgradeErr(0x40), CfgUpdate(0x80), CfgUpdateErr(0x100), Beacon(0x200), BcnTLV(0x400), BcnErr(0x800), APB(0x1000), Tags(0x2000), ZF(0x4000), AMON(0x8000), IOT-GW(0x10000), AT-HTTPS-JSON(0x20000), AT-WEBSOCKET-PROTOBUF(0x40000), DevMgmt(0x80000), None(0x00) }
Current Log Level               { 0x901e1 : Error(0x0001), FW-Upgrade(0x0020), FW-UpgradeErr(0x0040), CfgUpdate(0x0080), CfgUpdateErr(0x0100), IOT-GW(0x10000), DevMgmt(0x80000) }
Log Mac Filter                  None
Bundled BluOS Upgrade           Enabled (-1)
OTA FW BluOS Upgrade            Disabled
Note: No IoT transport context configured. Config ID:0

Note: Uplink status is applicable only for Dynamic Console operational mode.
      For APBs of type LS-BT1USB, applied operational mode is Beaconing if ap system profile setting is either Persistent or Dynamic.
Note: Setting Message Selector value to 0x0 will cause the APB to function improperly. Use the knob with caution.
Note: Message Selector Bits: All(0xffff), V0 Scan (0x01), V1 Scan (0x02), UI Scan (0x04), Proximity Advert (0x08), IBeacon (0x10), Heartbeat-1 (0x20),  Heartbeat-UI (0x40), Upg Ack (0x80), Heartbeat-2 (0x200), Generic Scan (0x400), Generic Advert (0x800), Tag V1 Scan (0x1000), Tag V1 Advert (0x2000)



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