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Does Aruba Controller support RFC 3580 to configure called-station-id with SSID? 

Nov 10, 2014 03:20 PM

Introduction : For IEEE 802.1X Authenticators, the attribute called-station-id is used to store the bridge or Access Point MAC address(upper or lower case) with octet values separated by a none(default)/colon/dash/none.  Example with upper case with dash: "00-10-A4-23-19-C0".

In IEEE 802.11, where the SSID is known, it should be appended to the Access Point MAC address, separated from the MAC address with colon(default)/dash/none. Example with colon: 00-10-A4-23-19-C0 : ARUBA


Feature Notes : This feature helps in appending SSID information in the Radius request to the attribute called-station-id and this feature is supported from Aruba OS 6.4


Environment : Product & Software: This article applies to Aruba OS 6.4 and above.


Configuration Steps :


To configure the called-sation-id, navigate to Configuration > Security > Authentication > Servers

Select the radius server and configure the called-station-id


To configure in command line interface,  the below commands show to configure mac address with SSID as part of the called-station-id.

(Aruba) (config) #aaa authentication-server radius Guest
(Aruba) (RADIUS Server "Guest") #called-station-id type macaddr include-ssid enable delimiter colon

ap-group                Send AP group as called station id
ap-macaddr          Send AP mac address as called station id
ap-name                Send AP name as called station id
ipaddr                     Send controller ip address as called station id
macaddr                Send controller mac address as called station
vlan-id                    Send VLAN index as called station id

We have the option to configure, ap-group/ap-macaddr/ap-name/ipaddr/macaddr or vlan-id and include or exclude ssid information in the called-station-id.

Verification :


In this sample, SSID ARUBA has been appended to the Access Point MAC address.

In the Radius Access-Request, called-station-id attribute SSID ARUBA has been appended to AP Mac address.


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