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2 Airwaves, MM controllers split between them

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  • 1.  2 Airwaves, MM controllers split between them

    Posted 10 days ago
    Is there any issue with adding the MM's (standby's as well) to two different AW's?  Trying to see if there is any major gotcha/design issue here.

    Due to the limitations of the HW AW (4000) we are installing a second AW server.  The existing deployment (MM/MC with clusters of MDs for each site, and on-site APs) is using AW-1, and a new AW (AW-2) is being installed to handle the next site being on-lined.

    Or would it be better to only add the clustered controllers that are intended for this appliance?

    Also to mention, we have FailOver servers for the AW's, but I don't expect that to matter for the considerations here.


  • 2.  RE: 2 Airwaves, MM controllers split between them

    Posted 7 days ago
    Sending management traffic to two different appliances is possible, but sending twice the amount of traffic can have its issues depending on the circumstances.  I would open a case with technical support to get an answer for your specific situation or engage a VAR.  In most situations, it is not practical.

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  • 3.  RE: 2 Airwaves, MM controllers split between them

    Posted 6 days ago
    There are 2 challenges here
    1. As Colin pointed, the performance issue
    2. If the AP's fall to any MD within the same cluster of MM. And the MD's are separated by AMP's, then the AP's tend to show up on both Airwave servers.

    If the set is like MM have multiple MD clusters, and AP's in each MD cluster fall back within same cluster, then the option would be to 
    1. Add MM on both Airwave (or take a backup from current Airwave and restore on new Airwave. This way you will retain all the floor plans, report definitions, folders etc).
    2. Then the MD's will be discovered on both Airwave servers. 'Ignore' a set of MD clusters from new Devices page or from the specific MD pages from AMP 1 and ignore the other set of MD clusters from AMP2.
    3. Now the AP's from the ignored MD's will not be discovered. (if added by restore method as in step 1. Then manually 'ignore' the AP's of ignored MD clusters'.
    4. Also, remove folders or floor plans where the ignored devices are present.
    5. Retention values will delete any data from these ignored devices over a period of time.