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2530 (J9776a) Switch does not boot

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  • 1.  2530 (J9776a) Switch does not boot

    Posted Aug 19, 2022 10:49 AM
    I tried loading a firmware to the secondary space using web UI, but now the switch does not boot.
    Primary firmware version was 15.something and the new firmware was 16.something.
    Serial console shows only the rom information, then nothing. Power led is on, fault led is off, locator led is on and port leds are off.
    What to do ?

    ROM information:
    Build directory: /ws/swbuildm/lakesrom_qaoff/rom/build/lakesrom(swbuildm_lak)
    Build date: Oct 30 2013
    Build time: 11:14:29
    Build version: YA.15.17
    Build number: 891