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Bring performance and reliability to your network with the Aruba Core, Aggregation, and Access layer switches. Discuss the latest features and functionality of the ArubaOS-Switch and ArubaOS-CX devices, and find ways to improve security across your network to bring together a mobile first solution.
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3x price increase

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  • 1.  3x price increase

    Posted Jun 30, 2022 06:35 PM
    Anyone else heard about horrible price increases for the summer because of the chip availability and all these issues? I'm being told that in the future our price for 6200/6300 switches will be 3x from what it is now.

    Wonder if other vendors are doing the same... and it seems like a good time to get quotes from other vendors too.

  • 2.  RE: 3x price increase

    Posted Jul 04, 2022 11:50 AM
    Hi, to be honest (and guessing absolutely nothing about your citizenship...a not irrelevant detail these days...since citizens of different countries are impacted by different levels of inflation) I'm much more worried about the (apparently slow but constant) skyrocketing of foodstuff prices...not to speak about the abrupt price increase of gasoline/petrol at pump (In Italy we are paying an average of 2 Euro/liter when few months ago the average price was about 30% less...go figure! such costs impact on logistic cost too and, in the end, to price of stuff we purchase at the market). There was also an huge increase of residential/industrial energy's costs (someone estimated a +90% in few months for Energy and +50% for the Gas so the "energy bill" at home simply almost doubled in few months!!), given the above...the list prices increase of a Switch Series - I'm  realistic not pessimistic - is the last problem we are going to deal with starting by this summer, trust me. IMHO it's not just a matter of chip price's increase...at least here in Europe for European customers.