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5945 with 100G BiDi Transceiver: No Link

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  • 1.  5945 with 100G BiDi Transceiver: No Link

    Posted 21 days ago


    I just put some QSFP28 BiDi (JQ344A) transceivers in my 5945 switches (JQ074A, R6555). I get no link (Line protocol state: DOWN). Neither switch-to-switch nor switch-to-server works.

    • The transceivers are supported on that HW and SW version.
    • Transceiver diagnostics shows good signal on all 4 lanes.
    • The switchports work ok, if I use DAC cables. Both switch-to-switch and switch-to-server.
    • The transceivers are ok, I tested them in the server NICs (P25960-B21, connection from server to server).

    I suspect some kind of issue with the autonegotiation. The manual however says, that a connection between HGE ports of two JQ074A should work with default settings.

    Anyone can tell me what I'm missing?