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6200F (S0M83A) compatible DAC

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  • 1.  6200F (S0M83A) compatible DAC

    Posted Feb 15, 2024 10:28 AM


    I am trying to set up a stack of two 6200F (S0M83A) switches. I use a J9281D DAC cable and I follow this guide. After the auto-stacking failed I started to troubleshoot and I found this:

    show interface 1/1/49
    Interface 1/1/49 is down
     Admin state is up
     State information: Incompatible interface
     Link state: down for 28 minutes (since Wed Feb 14 15:27:16 UTC 2024)
     Link transitions: 0
     Hardware: Ethernet, MAC Address: 4c:d5:87:8b:3f:90
     MTU 9281
     Type 10G-DAC1 / 10G SFP+ 1m DAC
     qos trust none
     Speed 0 Mb/s
     Auto-negotiation is off
     Flow-control: off
     Error-control: off
     Rate collection interval: 300 seconds
     Rate                               RX                   TX        Total (RX+TX)
     ---------------- -------------------- -------------------- --------------------
     Mbits / sec                      0.00                 0.00                 0.00
     KPkts / sec                      0.00                 0.00                 0.00

    Could somebody please help me? Did I purchase the wrong cable?

    Thanks a lot

    Kind regards,

  • 2.  RE: 6200F (S0M83A) compatible DAC

    Posted Feb 15, 2024 12:39 PM
    Hi, check the Aruba Transceivers and DAC guide (latest 15th edition), it reports for all Aruba 6200 switch series:

    Only the listed 4x4 parts are fully supported:


    • 8121-1151
    • 8121-1300
    • 8121-1797


    • 8121-1152
    • 8121-1298
    • 8121-1798

    J9285B/J9285D or any type of 7m DAC is not supported any 6200 model.

    Is your J8281D DAC matching one of the above three 4x4 numbers?

    Is your Aruba 6200F running latest ArubaOS-CX? say latest build of, example, 10.10 (LSR), 10.11, 10.12 or 10.13 (LSR) software lines?

  • 3.  RE: 6200F (S0M83A) compatible DAC
    Best Answer

    Posted Feb 16, 2024 04:13 AM

    Your switch don't have any SFP+ ports, just SFP - so you can't use 10GE on your switch.

    HPE Aruba Networking 6200F 48G 4SFP Switch (S0M83A)

    • 48x ports 10/100/1000BaseT ports
    • 4x 100M/1G SFP ports
    • Internal (fixed) power supply, fixed fans
    • Dimensions: (H) 4.37 cm x (W) 44.25 cm x (D) 28.45 cm (1.72" x 17.42" x 11.2")
    • Weight: 3.90 kg (8.59 lbs)
    • TAA Model SKU: S0G15A

    Arne Opdal

  • 4.  RE: 6200F (S0M83A) compatible DAC

    Posted Feb 16, 2024 07:54 AM

    Hi @parnassus and @ArneO,

    thanks for the help.

    You are right, I did overlook SFP vs SFP+. At the end I found some transceivers I could use and managed to set up the stack.

  • 5.  RE: 6200F (S0M83A) compatible DAC

    Posted Mar 01, 2024 04:17 PM

    It would seem that the Aruba CX 6200F does support SFP+ transceivers per this link 

    If I am mistaken please let me know as I have just gotten 6200F switches with SFP+ Transceivers Product: J9150D Part#: 1990-4391 Aruba 10G SFP+ LC SR 300m MMF XCVR for 2 of my switches and if they will not work I need to get them replaced before I put them into production.

  • 6.  RE: 6200F (S0M83A) compatible DAC

    Posted Mar 02, 2024 04:43 AM

    Hi, check your product number. If you have S0M83A as writed, it does not support SFP+, just SFP. All the S0M* is without 10GE.

    You can verify your product using the command show system and look at the product name

    test-deploy# show system
    Hostname               : test-deploy
    System Description     : ML.10.13.0010
    System Contact         :
    System Location        :
    Vendor                 : Aruba
    Product Name           : JL725A 6200F 24G CL4 4SFP+370W Swch

    Arne Opdal