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Activate BFD

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  • 1.  Activate BFD

    Posted Jan 10, 2024 11:04 AM

    Hello all,

    I would like to activate BFD between my two 8400 cores and all my 8400 distribution.

    but I am wondering if I need to plan a maintenance window or if there is no impact.

    I found this link for configuring BFD :

    Configuring BFD For OSPFv2

    Arubanetworks remove preview
    Configuring BFD For OSPFv2
    Prerequisites OSPFv2 must be enabled. ICMP must be disabled. Procedure Enable BFD support with the command bfd. Enable BFD on all OSPF interfaces with the command bfd all-interfaces, or enable BFD on a specific interface with the command ip ospf bfd. For most deployments, the default values for the following features do not need to be changed.
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    Is that correct ?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Best regards,


  • 2.  RE: Activate BFD

    Posted 23 days ago

    Generally, enabling BFD itself should not cause a disruption to the existing network traffic

    This link can help you further on BFD- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEc-9AqEeFM

  • 3.  RE: Activate BFD

    Posted 22 days ago


    Thank you for your answer.
    I applied bfd without issue.
    Here commands for people :

    SW# configure
    SW(config)# bfd

    interface X/X/X
    description XXXXXXXX
    no shutdown
    bfd min-receive-interval 500
    bfd min-transmit-interval 500
    bfd detect-multiplier 1 -
    ip ospf 1 area

    router ospf X
    bfd all-interfaces