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Adding Axis Secure Web Gateway to a Fortigate SD-WAN

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  • 1.  Adding Axis Secure Web Gateway to a Fortigate SD-WAN

    Posted Feb 28, 2024 01:45 PM

    Steps executed on a Fortigate 60F running FortiOS: 7.2.4

    Step 1: Create a Location

    Go to Policy Locations and create a new Location

    Add name, subnet range name and subnet range

    Step 2: Create IPSEC tunnel

    On the Axis Admin Portal:

    Go to settings > Connectors > Tunnel

    Create new IPSEC tunnel and associate the IPSEC tunnel with the Location you created in step 1


    Step 3: Create a Policy Rule

    Go to Policy > Rules

    Add a new rule, make sure to set the Source as your home location, set the action to "Allow", and click Apply/Commit changes

    Step 4: Create Custom Tunnel on the Fortigate

    Click Next


    Step 5: IPSEC generic settings

    Chosen settings:

    ·        Choose dynamic DNS (non-standard setting)

    ·        Choose Mode Config (non-standard setting) < the remote site will inject default route

    ·        NAT traversal (standard setting)

    ·        The rest are all standard settings too

    Step 6: Phase 1, PSK settings

    Fill PSK and chose IKE Version 2.

    Step 7: Phase 1 proposal settings

    Just leave in the standard settings but make sure the "ID" field of the Axis Tunnel matches the "Local ID" field.

    Step 8: Phase 2 settings

    Just use the standard settings


    Step 9: Create new SD-WAN Zone

    Create a new SD-WAN Zone

    And add the new Axis interfaces

    In my case: SD-WAN Zone "Overlay"

    Interfaces: Axis-Primary and Axis-Backup


    Step 10: Add the Axis Interfaces to IP SLA (not mandatory)

    Step 11: Create SDWAN Rule

    Make sure to select the new SD-WAN Zone and appropriate source

    Destination can be anything

    Interfaces have to be the Axis VPN interfaces

    Step 12: Add Firewall Policies

    Add two Firewall Policies with NAT disabled to and from Axis to your local subnet

    In my case I created a test VLAN called Axis, allocated a subnet which I named "Axis address"

    Outgoing interface should be the newly created SD-WAN Zone (Overlay in my case) for all traffic towards Axis VPN and the opposite for return traffic.

    Proof that my Iphone is using Axis Cloud

  • 2.  RE: Adding Axis Secure Web Gateway to a Fortigate SD-WAN

    Posted Mar 01, 2024 07:47 AM

    Great work! Thanks for sharing.

    Herman Robers
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