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Adding managed controller to on-prem cluster (group-membership and profile)

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  • 1.  Adding managed controller to on-prem cluster (group-membership and profile)

    Posted Jun 28, 2022 04:49 PM
    HI all, so happy to be joining this community! :-)

    After receiving some incorrect guidance, I removed/replaced a malfunctioning controller before removing the old one from the cluster group-membership (at the device level) and cluster profile. As a result (I think), the old incorrect MAC address of the previous controller was still showing in show lc-cluster production controller details, even after adding the group-membership to the new controller, and adding the new controller to the cluster group profile on the MM.

    The new controller was connecting to APs, but not to any clients, so I removed the group-membership from the controller, and the controller from the cluster profile, but did not remove the controller from MM. I did this in an attempt to troubleshoot why the replacement controller wasn't getting any clients. 

    Now, the correct MAC address of the new controller is showing, when I show lc-cluster production controller details , and I want to make sure that I add the new replacement controller back into the cluster correctly, and add the group-membership, in a way that avoids downtime if possible. 

    Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated!