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AP-303H-configure IP-TV on Eth-2

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  • 1.  AP-303H-configure IP-TV on Eth-2

    Posted Apr 26, 2022 10:52 AM
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    Anyone can help me to do the recommended configuration for IP-TV system to work with AP-303H.I just created IP-TV Vlan and wired AP profile in WLC then attached to eth2 profile. now the port is under IP-TV VLAN ( its getting IP for TV NW ) . But my TV is not work Well , its getting stuck every 5-10 mis.

    IGMP snooping enabled on IP-TV VLAN

    When i connect directly to switch its work well ( enable IGMP and query )

    See the attached network diagram for IP-TV system,
    Thanks in advance
    #wireless #AOS-CXSwitchSimulatorLab #AP303H #IPTv #100Series #7210 #7220

    Swajith lal

  • 2.  RE: AP-303H-configure IP-TV on Eth-2

    Posted Jun 09, 2022 12:03 PM
    Is the port for the IP-TV setup as tunnel or bridge? If it's tunnel, the traffic is sent all the way to the controller. When it's bridged, the traffic is as if the RAP is transparent and it gets dumped locally to the switch.

    Michael Haring