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AP 345 random interruptions during streaming

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  • 1.  AP 345 random interruptions during streaming

    Posted Jan 30, 2023 09:57 AM

    Hello all.

    Will try to explain this as clear as possible in hopes this can be resolved.

    Started noticing twitching and audio\video lag while on 345's wifi.

    Steps to reproduce: Connect over RDP\nomachine\teradici (basically ensure video streaming scenario) to another device, leave it on 60 fps video playback so you have a constant stream of data (video + audio). 10-15 mbit\s in my case, depending on what's on the screen at that moment.

    Randomly both video and audio will either freeze, or stutter and cut out for a few sec. This can happen good 2-3 times in 1 minute. VERY annoying.

    Why i'm pointing fingers on my AP345:

    I have 2 linksys EA6500v2 (10 year old wifi 5 routers) acting as dump APs, and no issues whatsoever while connected to either one. Butter smooth.

    Disabling my linksyses and connecting to 345, i get the choppiness.

    My 345 is in dual 5ghz mode, or this is where I'd like to keep it.

    Changing it to dual band doesn't help.

    Forced client to be the only device on either of 5ghz radios didn't help.

    Channels are not congested, I'm far enough from my neighbors to enjoy a butter smooth 5ghz stream from my old limksyses.

    Running openspeedtest or iperf, i should be getting about 620 mbit down and 550 mbit up basically straight line with 1 device connected to my 345. Sadly there's a lot of deviation.

    The rest of my network shouldn't be a problem since i run gigabit and wifi is only capable of saturating 640 mbit max.

    Please help.

  • 2.  RE: AP 345 random interruptions during streaming

    Posted Jan 30, 2023 11:15 AM

    Hi, which version of Code are you running?

    Did you enabled Optimization of Broadcast and Multicast Traffic?

    Could you please paste Configuration here.

  • 3.  RE: AP 345 random interruptions during streaming

    Posted Jan 30, 2023 11:34 AM

    Latest available build for 345 - LSR (Digitally Signed - Production Build)

    Multicast filtering > disabled

    Multicast transmission optimization > off

    Dynamic multicast optimization > off

    DMO channel utilization treshold > 90% (unchanged)

    ^ Multicast related tweaks shouldn't play any part in this shenanigans. Even if i push 15mbit of video stream over wifi (and nothing else), this still keeps happening.

    below is the configuration:

    virtual-controller-country US
    virtual-controller-key EDITED
    name AP-345
    clock timezone Eastern-Time -05 00
    clock summer-time EDT recurring second sunday march 02:00 first sunday november 02:00
    rf-band 5.0
    allowed-ap 38:17:c3:c0:2a:6c
     wide-bands 24ghz,5ghz
     min-tx-power 3
     max-tx-power 21
     band-steering-mode balance-bands
     air-time-fairness-mode default-access
     client-match slb-mode 3
    rf dot11a-secondary-radio-profile
     max-tx-power 0
     min-tx-power 0
    rf dot11-6ghz-radio-profile
     max-tx-power 0
     min-tx-power 0
    syslog-level warn ap-debug 
    syslog-level warn network 
    syslog-level warn security 
    syslog-level warn system 
    syslog-level warn user 
    syslog-level warn user-debug 
    syslog-level warn wireless 
    hash-mgmt-user admin password hash EDITED
    wlan access-rule default_wired_port_profile
     index 0
     rule any any match any any any permit
    wlan access-rule wired-SetMeUp
     index 1
     rule masterip match tcp 80 80 permit
     rule masterip match tcp 4343 4343 permit
     rule any any match udp 67 68 permit
     rule any any match udp 53 53 permit
    wlan access-rule HOMENET
     index 2
     rule any any match any any any permit
    wlan ssid-profile HOMENET
     index 0
     type employee
     essid HOMENET
     wpa-passphrase EDITED
     opmode wpa3-sae-aes
     max-authentication-failures 0
     rf-band 5.0
     captive-portal disable
     dtim-period 1
     broadcast-filter none
     dmo-channel-utilization-threshold 90
     local-probe-req-thresh 0
     max-clients-threshold 64
    auth-survivability cache-time-out 24
    wlan external-captive-portal
     server localhost
     port 80
     url "/"
     auth-text "Authenticated"
    blacklist-time 3600
    auth-failure-blacklist-time 3600
     wireless-containment none
    wired-port-profile wired-SetMeUp
     switchport-mode access
     allowed-vlan all
     native-vlan guest
     no shutdown
     access-rule-name wired-SetMeUp
     speed auto
     duplex auto
     no poe
     type guest
     captive-portal disable
     no dot1x
    wired-port-profile default_wired_port_profile
     switchport-mode trunk
     allowed-vlan all
     native-vlan 1
     access-rule-name default_wired_port_profile
     speed auto
     duplex full
     no poe
     type employee
     captive-portal disable
     no dot1x
    enet0-port-profile default_wired_port_profile
     enforce none
     failover-internet-pkt-lost-cnt 10
     failover-internet-pkt-send-freq 30
     failover-vpn-timeout 180
    airgroupservice airplay
     description AirPlay
    airgroupservice airprint
     description AirPrint