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ap-518 - Problems in China

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  • 1.  ap-518 - Problems in China

    Posted May 24, 2022 12:08 PM
    Hi all,
    we have a customer, who bought some 518 and 515 in china only to find out that the 515 do work and the 518 do not.
    While looking into it, we've noticed that "show ap allowed-channels" with country code set to ch looks like that:

    Allowed Channels for AP Type 518 Country Code CN
    PHY Type Allowed Channels
    -------- ----------------
    2.4GHz (indoor) None
    5GHz (indoor) None
    2.4GHz (outdoor) None
    5GHz (outdoor) None
    2.4GHz 40MHz (indoor) None
    5GHz 40MHz (indoor) None
    2.4GHz 40MHz (outdoor) None
    5GHz 40MHz (outdoor) None
    5GHz 80MHz (indoor) None
    5GHz 80MHz (outdoor) None
    5GHz 160MHz (indoor) None
    5GHz 160MHz (outdoor) None
    5GHz (DFS) None
    5GHz (ZWDFS) disable
    6GHz (indoor) None
    6GHz (LP indoor) None
    6GHz (outdoor) None
    6GHz 40MHz (indoor) None
    6GHz 40MHz (LP indoor) None
    6GHz 40MHz (outdoor) None
    6GHz 80MHz (indoor) None
    6GHz 80MHz (LP indoor) None
    6GHz 80MHz (outdoor) None
    6GHz 160MHz (indoor) None
    6GHz 160MHz (LP indoor) None
    6GHz 160MHz (outdoor) None

    That has made me curious looking into the latest DRT and you can imagine:
    No 518 for China.

    But, looking here: Compliance
    China is listed.
    Anyone ever had this or a similar problem ?


    Karsten Scheidel

  • 2.  RE: ap-518 - Problems in China

    Posted Jun 07, 2022 09:27 AM
    Check: https://www.arubanetworks.com/techdocs/DRT/content/releasenotes/countries/china.htm

    The AP-518 should be supported for China since DRT 1.0_84112.

    Herman Robers
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