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AP 535 Ethernet Redundancy (Smart Rate) and POE

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  • 1.  AP 535 Ethernet Redundancy (Smart Rate) and POE

    Posted Dec 05, 2023 04:00 PM


    We're looking at changing our design based on the CX series switches connecting in a stack (VSF) configuration to a single AP 535. Traditionally our 2930M siwtches had smart rate ports and we would connect multiple AP's E0 to switch 1 and switch 2 in the stack. (no issues)

    Now, only one of our CX switches has smart rate ports, the second switch does not. 


    Can we connect E0 AND E1 on a AP to the two altrnative switches in the stack to provide resiliency if the first switch fails?

    If one port is a smart rate port and the other is a standard gigE port does that matter?

    Can the AP 535 support multiple POE sources while connected and failover accordingly if one fails?


  • 2.  RE: AP 535 Ethernet Redundancy (Smart Rate) and POE

    Posted Dec 05, 2023 06:07 PM

    PoE should work but LACP will not as the switch ports will have a speed mismatch.

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  • 3.  RE: AP 535 Ethernet Redundancy (Smart Rate) and POE

    Posted Dec 06, 2023 03:03 PM


    The AP-535 implements power sharing and will draw POE from both ports (typically ~ 40%/60%). Depending on the peer switch configuration, an AP connected with dual uplinks will either operate in an active / active or active / passive mode:

    1. If LACP is detected on both ports AND both ports negotiate at the same speed, the AP will use active / active mode.
    2. If LACP is absent, the AP will use active / passive mode.

    In your scenario the AP-535 has dual 2.5G SmartRate ports and one of those ports is being connected to a SmartRate capable switch in the stack while the second port is not. LACP will fail to negotiate as both pairs of peer ports will negotiate different speeds. To remedy this, you will need to re-configure the CX SmartRate port to only negotiate up to 1Gbps allowing both pairs of ports to negotiate and operate at the same speed:

    switch(config)# interface <port>

    switch(config-if)# speed auto 1g

    Hope this helps!