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AP-535 two clients bandwidth

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  • 1.  AP-535 two clients bandwidth

    Posted Jun 01, 2022 10:50 AM

    I am testing different versions of wifi cards (802.11ax) and I bought an Aruba AP-535 for connecting them. I perform an iperf3 test between the client (wifi card) and a server, a PC connected to the Aruba wired port (2.5Gbps). When I test only one client, I reach speeds of 1.30Gbps. Although the card negotiates at 2.4Gbps, I am satisfied with 1.30Gbps. The problem comes when I test two wifi cards at the same time:

     - The aggregated upload bandwidth (wifi cards -> AP) is about 1.25Gbps. Being the cards MU-MIMO 2x2 and the AP MU-MIMO 4x4 I would expect higher bandwidth, but this is not the most concerning problem.
     - The aggregated download bandwidth (AP->wifi cards) is not higher than 700Mbps. I have not explanation for this behaviour. Maybe I have misconfigured some parameter of the AP or I am not taking into account something important. If I understand well, the aggregated bandwidth should be higher in 802.11ax negotiating to 2.4Gbps each client. 

    I have made the same test with different wifi cards models and the behaviour is the same. I have changed the WiFi channel and some AP's parameters that I though may be important. 

    Has anyone any idea of what is happening and why the aggregated download speed is only 700Mbps? Any new test for checking what is the bottleneck of the scenario?

    Thanks in advance for the help,