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AP possibly running in restricted mode?

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  • 1.  AP possibly running in restricted mode?

    Posted Aug 09, 2022 03:57 AM

    We have an AP that shows as operating in restricted power mode (r) in the output of "show ap database group...":

    00:0b:86:xx:xx:xx ap-group_aps 205H x:x:x:x Up 17h:17m:37s 2r x.x.x.x x.x.x.x

    None of the other APs in this group report this (they are all 205Hs) and when I look at the system status for that AP it looks like it has successfully negotiated POEat:

    Power Supply : POE-AT
    LLDP Power : Successfully negotiated at 25.5W
    Current Operational State : PSE Disabled, USB(BLE) Enabled (Overridden by LLDP)
    PSE Status : Disabled
    HW POE status : POE-AF

    And that output is identical to other APs in the group that are not reporting the 'r' flag in the 'show ap database...' output. I'm just wondering whether to spend any time on this, it looks fine apart from that 'r' flag!

    Any ideas why that flag might be there please?


  • 2.  RE: AP possibly running in restricted mode?

    Posted Aug 10, 2022 03:51 AM
    Did you try to use another ehternet cable end-to-end, could be a wire issue. You should test with a new short cable directly from the AP to the Switchport.
    Also check if your switch can deliver 802.11at 30W and have enough PoE budget on the switch.

    The restriction mode not have to be a bad thing, it only disable USB and PoE-PSE.

    - 802.3at PoE: reduced mode (USB disabled when
    PoE-PSE enabled, PoE-PSE reduced power budget:
    10 watts max)
    - 802.3af PoE: restricted (USB and PoE-PSE disabled)
    • Maximum (worst-case) power consumption:
    - DC: 12 watts max, plus 16.5 watts max for PoE-PSE and
    5.5 watts max for USB
    - 802.3at PoE: 13 watts max, plus 11.5 watts max for
    PoE-PSE or 6 watts max for USB
    - 802.3af PoE: 13 watts max

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