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Aruba AP-535 and POE on Cisco Switches

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  • 1.  Aruba AP-535 and POE on Cisco Switches

    Posted 20 days ago
    Not sure if this is a known issue, but wanted to share if it helps anyone else. We have Cisco 2960x and 9300 switches supporting our Aruba APs (multiple models). I noticed recently that all of our AP-535's were indicating an "2r" flag for power-restricted mode. I confirmed the switch ports were configured for auto with a max of 30W or 60W depending on switch model, but the APs were running on 27.5W. LLDP enabled and everything appropriately set, our AP-515's, 325s, 335, etc. are all fine. After review, I enabled IPM (intelligent power monitoring) in the AP system profile and that immediately moved the AP-535's up to 30W on the port and the "r" flag was removed in the ap database output. 

    I'm not clear on why the 535s seemed to be using just below the expected power on the ports, but IPM seems to help. 

    The AP system profile also supported AP-105, AP-135, AP-225, AP-325, AP-335, AP-515, and the AP-535 as we have a variety of APs in our environment. None of the APs seemed to be negatively impacted at the time and they did NOT reboot as they would when adjusting the power setting on the switch side. 

    Hopefully this helps someone else in the same boat.

    Michael Haring